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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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Leith Rosss Like Well Never Have Sex

An ode to the asexual: Review of Leith Ross’s “Like We’ll Never Have Sex”

April 19, 2022

Have you ever listened to a song that was so profound that it left a mark on your very existence? It made you feel seen, it made you feel heard, it made you feel human. Very few songs have ever done...

The thumbnail of the  Hayloft II Official music video

Mother Mother Hayloft II: Is revenge worth it?

By Katherine Linares, Editor In-Chief March 9, 2022

In all of us, there is a fervent fire. A fire that runs deep and boils our blood. That fire: revenge. Although most do not act on it, there is always a need to fulfill that desire, whether through a snide...

95 percent of people with eating disorders are between the ages of 12-15.

Suffering through eating disorders in isolation

By Katherine Linares and Vivian Huynh October 24, 2021

*For purposes of anonymity, the interviewee will be referred to as Alice per the interviewee’s request. *This is only one person’s experience, experiences vary from person to person. Eating disorders...

Award winning scholastic submission by Chloe Beaudreau Frames won a gold key in photography.

CVHS Students Sweep the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards, Winning 104 Awards

The Scholastic Art & Writing is a nationally recognized contest. Students from all over the United States compete and receive awards for their work. This program gives recognition to young aspiring...

African penguins roaming the streets of Cape Town

The Unexpected, but Temporary, Benefit to Lockdown

By Katherine Linares, Editor In-Chief May 15, 2020

As people all around the world are tucked away in their homes in lockdown, the world around us is growing greener and cleaner. The animals all around the world are starting to come out, African penguins...

This is a colection of the works of other artist who have participated in this challenge.

All your artists out there- Join the Quarantine Art Club!

By Katherine Linares, Editor In-Chief April 28, 2020

In this time of fear and confusion, we have all needed a way to take our minds off of the crisis that surrounds us. So what a better way to lighten up the mood than with art? Recently, with quarantine...

A photo of Cynthia Linares after getting off of work.

COVID-19 Front Line Soldier

By Katherine Linares, Editor In-Chief April 15, 2020

Cynthia Linares has to prepare herself mentally every day, setting her fear aside to help the injured. She fears going to work every day, she fears coming home in the scrubs she has worked in all day,...

Get Out There and Get Some Experience! (Ongoing)

By Katherine Linares and Yamen El-Refaie March 5, 2020

Katherine Linares It’s the time of year again, with the summer coming up in a few months, internships and volunteer opportunities are starting to open up. The Upstream news team has compiled a shortlist...

Scholastic Gold-Key Winners in writing, Naomi Canny on the left, Asmita Ahuja on the right.

Meet CVHS’ Award-Winning Writers Asmita Ahuja and Naomi Canny

By Katherine Linares, Editor In-Chief February 15, 2020

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students all around the US send writing into scholastic competitions, which choose a selected few to advance into the regional competition, those are the gold key winners....

42 percent of students suffering from mental health issues indicate academic pressures as a cause.

CVHS to Hire A Dedicated Mental Health Counselor Amid Calls for More Support

By Katherine Linares and Hilary Nguyen February 7, 2020

*Lily has a rubber band she uses to snap herself out of her anxiety attacks, moments when her workload accumulates and consumes her. Otherwise, she pinches or scratches herself. "If I'm in stressful situations,...

The Moroccan, a Quran Manuscript

From the Silk Road to Houston’s WHAP Students

By Katherine Linares, Editor In-Chief November 6, 2019

“Arts of the Islamic Lands” is currently exhibiting at the Houston Art Museum until the end of this year. Having learned about medieval Islamic culture in World History, I decided to stop by. When...

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