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Instagram’s 30-Day Song Challenge

Instagram's 30-day song challenge is a trending activity that allows Instagram users to share their favorite music along with a little information about themselves.
April 30, 2020

This new normal has caused me to try many new things such as bike riding, cooking, redecorating, and spending my days scrolling through every social media outlet on my phone, especially Instagram. With...

Social Distancing Is Not In My Vocabulary

From left, Patrick Nguyen, Lamar Qaddumi(me), Ammer Qaddumi
April 14, 2020

Quarantine at the Qaddumi residence does not involve a lot of social distancing. We were advised to stay home and away from large crowds starting on March 16, but we already had our spring break Austin...

CVHS’ First Girls Basketball Club

March 5, 2020

Carnegie has been known to be an academic-oriented school and one that doesn’t partake in many traditional high school sports. But junior Esha Patel is determined to change that. Patel is the founder...

CVHS First Annual THIRST Project Talent Show

(from left) Ammer Qaddumi 11, Charan Jagwani 11, Sterling Adams 10, Javier Moreno 10 Dylan Kipp 11, Naomi Canny 10
February 17, 2020

Junior Dylan Kipp, sophomore Jason Torres, and sophomore Naomi Canny all proved one thing at CVHS' first annual talent show- Carnegie's got talent.  Every performer wowed the crowd but one left...

CVHS Loses to HAIS: 3 Seconds Lost in Last Quarter

Rhino Noah Needle, player #1 defended by Johnson, player #7 on HAIS while shooting a three-pointer.
February 3, 2020

CVHS 45, HAIS 48,  Regular Season Game  With Carnegie winning 3 games this season, the basketball team had come into the Jan 24 game against HAIS with hopes of continuing the streak. Friday...

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