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First Row: Jonathan Turck, Akhil Mandalapu, Samuel Lim, Rahul Menon 
Middle Row: Lazo Attar, Nicholas McIntosh, Caleb Hu, Devin Wang, Kartikeya Gullapalli, Gowtham Kadiyala, Hugh Coleman, Jared Yang, Ammaar Khatlani, Monish Civunigunta, Dan Bizman, Ankush Girotra
Back Row: Luke Dulworth, Carter Hidalgo, Jiya Ghorpade, Ruth Liu, Serena Fu, Srikar Siripuram, Tietchan Dang, Amir Tahanan, Ekin Tiu, Elijah Miranda, David Guan, Alex Nguyen, Shelby Yang, Howard Cai, William Nguyen, Mateo Ortega, Aditya Prasad

Robotic Teams’ Road to Worlds

By Hilary Nguyen, Opinion Editor March 6, 2020

For the past 3 years, Carnegie’s robotics team has qualified for the annual VEX Robotics World Championship and this year was no different. Over 30 countries consisting of over 160 teams will meet in...

Chemistry teacher Joshua Garcia is CVHS 2020 Teacher of the Year.

Teacher of the Year Joshua Garcia- inspiring a lineage of teachers and students

By Gabi Rodriguez, Editor In-Chief March 6, 2020

If you’ve ever heard spirited cheers wafting down the hallway- or seen cans exploding into a chemical madness on your snapchat story- it probably came from Mr. Garcia’s room. The Pre-AP/AP Chemistry...

Talia Mogh, Jada Thomas, Kamylle Gill preforming to Real it in by Anime.

Dance and Cheerleading Team Rev Up the Crowd in Mardi Gras Pep Rally

By Ema Wilson, Staff Writer March 6, 2020

Students cheer as Mardi-Gras beads are thrown to them at the end of a long field trip to the zoo; gold, green and purple flashing with black accents all around the cafeteria which has been transformed...

Lexy Silvas Top Three Tik Tok Dances

Lexy Silva’s Top Three Tik Tok Dances

By Alexandra Silva, Staff Writer March 6, 2020

Tik Tok, the app that took everybody by storm. Formerly known as, this app continues to break records for social media. The app ranges from acting, singing, comedy, to its most popular content,...

This picture shows Kaitlin Bennett on a school campus interviewing students.

Political Discussions Need to Be Regulated on School Campuses to Prevent Hate Speech

By Ashton Brown, Staff Writer March 6, 2020

Free speech is heavily discussed in our country today. Of course, we are well versed with our First Amendment Rights. Our First Amendment gives all people the right to freely express themselves without...

Gotta go fast- Into the theaters for Sonic the Hedgehog!

Gotta go fast- Into the theaters for Sonic the Hedgehog!

By Cameron Hart, Staff Writer March 6, 2020

You walk in to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie expecting to come out saying “That’s no good,” but then you walk out saying “Gotta go fast,” annoying your friends with your stupid Sonic quotes. But...

CVHS’ First Girls Basketball Club

By Lamar Qaddumi, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

Carnegie has been known to be an academic-oriented school and one that doesn’t partake in many traditional high school sports. But junior Esha Patel is determined to change that. Patel is the founder...

CVHS Students play spikeball during lunch.

Spikeball: The Sport That Took Carnegie by Storm

By Jonathon Morales, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

Spikeball, the sport that people can’t seem to shake. If you look outside in the courtyard during lunch, you see students, but more specifically, students engaging in good old fun. That good old fun...

Not the usual rodeo: Xens list of offbeat foods and activities to try during Spring Break

Not the usual rodeo: Xen’s list of offbeat foods and activities to try during Spring Break

By Xen Villarreal, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

With Spring Break being on the horizon many people have yet to find a way to spend their break. While fears of contracting the coronavirus are keeping people from traveling outside of the state and the...

Past student Richard Lin and current seniors Claire Lu and Rahul Menon after qualifying for semi-finals.

CVHS Students Qualify for Bio-Olympiad Semi-Finals for the 3rd Time

By Esha Sharma, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

The USA Biology Olympiad is a competition where students take a competitive exam to prove their advanced biology knowledge. Here at Carnegie, current seniors, Claire Lu and Rahul Menon have qualified for...

Join a man and his dog on an emotion ride in Call of the Wild

By Matthew Manders, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

20th Century Studios The Call of the Wild was first a book written by Jack London. Fans were thrilled to hear that there would be the second remake of this heartfelt...

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