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Bellaire H.S. Class of 2021s nine valedictorians: Alkiviades Boukas, Daniel Chen, Evie Tsen-Ying Kao, Angela Ling, Miles Mackenzie, Wenson Tsiah-Hao Tang, Christopher Zhou, Annie Zhu, and Shirley Zhu.

Bellaire H.S. Class of 2021’s nine valedictorians illustrate the benefits of online learning for students

By Marcos Delgadillo and Maya Collins April 30, 2021

Walking down the aisle of the main stage during senior graduation to give the final class speech is an honor only a few can say they have earned. Usually, the classes' valedictorian gives an address while...

The theater team gathers in a celebratory photo after advancing to Regionals

Carnegie theater make memoires off-stage while exploring memory-making on-stage

By Julian Namerow, Features Editor April 30, 2021

The Carnegie Theater Company advanced to UIL Regional and performed their award winning One Act Play, Describe the Night, on Saturday, April 17, at San Jacinto College. They did not advance to UIL State...

A Sand County Alamanac is an elegy to an idyllic Wisconsin landscape struggling against the encroachment of the modern era.

A Sand County Almanac: A Perennial Guide to the World We’re Losing

By Sofia Hegstrom, Contributing Writer April 30, 2021

What makes a book great? What must it have to be deemed a ‘favorite’? These questions of subjectivity are questions we as readers subconsciously ask ourselves as we work our way through a piece of...

Track coaches Joshua Garcia and Jamie Ford stand alongside CVHS regional contenders: Donovan Snell, Viana Rodrigues, and Gabriela Rodriguez.

Smart kids can jump

By Carys Oriana Reyes, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

On April 9th, Donovan Snell, Gabriela Rodriguez, and Viana Rodrigues competed in the Regional track meet. Although they did not advance, the students were pleased to have made it so far with minimal...

A slate of bills on the table of the 87th State Legislature threaten to take away the rights of transgender students and money away from already cash-strapped districts.

Texas State Legislature vs. Texas Students

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor April 30, 2021

Students all throughout the state of Texas may be affected by upcoming bills that most of us aren’t even aware of.  However, with a plethora of bills, some newly introduced and others that have been...

Shannon Duncan has had an adventurous journey before coming to CVHS as the campus new nurse.

Polyglot, teacher, and ICU nurse- new nurse Shannon Duncan shares her path before CVHS

By Judith Carrizales, News Editor April 30, 2021

On school mornings, CVHS students, barely awake and trudging through the doors will find an upbeat and smiling Shannon Duncan greeting them to take their temperature at the door. Duncan, the campus'...

The Eye on Houston exhibit, featuring the photography of the city by Houston teens, is now on exhibit at the MFAH through the Winter of 2022.

Protest-Strength- Identity- Man vs. Nature: Four CVHS students exhibit their photographic depictions of the city at MFAH

By Chiemelie Chinweuba and Kallisti Clemons April 30, 2021

The Eye on Houston exhibit is an art show, which the city’s teenagers can show how they view Houston through their photography. With skyscrapers that brush the clouds, delicious restaurants that line...

Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama hold a spotify podcast titled, Renegades: Born in the USA.

President Obama juggles scholarly discussion with political trepidation in podcast Renegades: Born in the USA

By Ash Brown, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

Race is a delicate subject in the United States. Since the end of the explosive Civil Rights and other social justice movements of the late 60’s and early 70’s, American society has grown hesitant...

20 year-old Daunte Wright was killed by police veteran of 26 years Kim Potter. Potter claims she mistook her gun for her taser.

Daunte Wright’s murder was no accident-but a willful act perpetrated by refusal to reform gun control, criminal justice laws

By Emma Pierce, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

On April 11, 2021, Kimberly Potter, a cop of 26 years, shot 20-year-old black male Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The police chief claims that Potter mistook her taser...

HISD plans to fully reopen schools for the 2021-22 schools year with a Virtual Academy for online students.

HISD Plans To Separate In-Person Students from Virtual

By Thomas Dowe and Diego Gonzalez April 30, 2021

  HISD recently announced its reopening plan for the 2021-22 school year. This plan includes details regarding how teachers and students will reintegrate into the classroom and numerous other...

BTS hosted a virtual event called BangBangCon21 on BANGTANTV on April 17th.

Bangbangcon attract 51 million viewers for 7 hours straight of BTS live

By Abigail Nunez and Amy Maya April 30, 2021

On April 17th, 2021, BTS held a virtual event where fans could watch past BTS concerts in a 7-hour live stream on BANGTANTV YouTube channel for free and would be deleted as soon as the last concert ended....

Godzilla vs. Kong Movie Poster

A legendary fight decades in the making: Godzilla vs. Kong

By Alexandra Silva and Jonathon Morales April 30, 2021

Two alpha creatures, one fight, one winner. Godzilla, the king of all monsters. King Kong, apex predator and protector of skull island.  Clashing worlds together, Legendary Entertainment acquired the...

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