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2019-2020 Staff

Yamen El-Refaie

I am a sophomore. 

Esha Sharma

I am a sophomore who enjoys traveling, writing and hanging out with friends.

Lamar Qaddumi

I am a sophomore. 

Gabi Rodriguez

I am a sophomore who runs track and field. I like traveling, old movies, and photography.

Matthew Manders

I am a Freshman.

Cameron Hart

I am a Freshman. Instagram: @chex_mixbois

Maria Angelica Amaya

I'm a sophomore who likes to play soccer and hang out with friends.

Carys Oriana Reyes

I'm a sophomore as well as a cheerleader. I like baseball, and watching Netflix.

Hilary Nguyen

I am a sophomore, I like to travel, swim, and volunteer. I'm interested in astronomy. In my free time, I like to watch criminal shows.

Vivian Huynh

I am a sophomore and I like drawing and martial arts.

Andrew T Mai

I'm a sophomore and I play piano as a hobby and a little guitar. I like to play video games with friends.

Annie Nguyen

I am a senior who LOVES dance parties. And peace and quiet. Instagram: @amourannie

Ema Wilson

I am a freshman who is interested in Marine Biology along with general Wildlife/nature. I do dance (outside of school) as well as play the cello (also outside of school). I also do a lot of art as a hobby! Instagram: @ema_18_lad

Jonathon Morales

I'm a sophomore who in my free time, I enjoy playing golf, video games, or watching That 70's Show. Other than those activities, I like spending time with my close friends.

David Bonnen

I am a sophomore who enjoys reading and studying history, writing short stories and film making. Instagram: @davideb29 Twitter: @DebPolymath

Charles Mueller

I am a sophomore. I go by Charlie. Instagram: @me_is_charlie

Alexandra Silva

I am sophomore and in my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and my dog. I love learning about astronomy and sharks. I like to read and watch shows about sci-fi and documentaries.

Ashton Brown

Hey, y'all! I am a sophomore who loves writing and talking to people so I figured I'd share some of my ideas. I love people, culture, politics, and food! I'm so glad I can bring you some news and stories from my school and my...

Alvaro Alvarez

I am a junior. Instagram: @2spuky4m3 Twitter: @2spuky4me  

Donovan Snell

I am a sophomore who loves to play basketball in and outside of school, I am left-handed, and have two dogs.

Sharon Vera

I am a freshman that can play guitar and I learned to ride a motorcycle when I was little. I have a strong ethnic background. Instagram: @sharon.i.vera

Allegra Fernandez

I am a sophomore and I'm also someone who enjoys art, writing and reading.

Shaun Wood

I'm a sophomore who loves Disney Movies and baking (as well as eating everything I make.) Instagram: @shaun_renee Twitter: @shaun_wood2022

Katherine Linares

I'm a sophomore who loves history, drawing, and animation. When it comes up to music, I'm all about 90's Rock and Jazz.

Leo Bader

I am a sophomore who loves jazz, plays the saxophone and piano, runs on the track team, and am interested in photography and videography. Instagram: @lb_htx

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