Hustlers: Money and Mischief

Movie Review

In the past there have been many “money-scheming movies.” Most of them are led by men. But finally, Hustlers is here to change the scenery. 

The characters play different roles in the movie making it jaw-dropping with the exciting scenes throughout the film. Destiny is a stripper who is trying to make a decent living for herself. When she becomes friends with Ramona, the number one earner at The Hustlers Club, her life begins to change drastically. Ramona teaches Destiny the best way to work her way around the rich Wall Street people who go to the club often and make lots of money from them. Later, when the 2008 financial breakdown cuts into their large earnings, the ladies and two other people devise a challenging plan to get back to the lives that they once had before. This story shows us the fascinating side of the jobs that they have and never fails to intrigue us.

 Throughout the movie, the characters try to gain wealth from their lustrous jobs in very mischievous acts that are generally looked down upon. The movie seems to be approving of these actions since the people that they are “scamming,” or really just making money from, are looked at as not so great, themselves. The Wall Street men are scammed out of lots of money and the women seem to be living quite a luxurious lifestyle until the law starts catching up to them and seeing what they are doing. 

Through the teachings, the women are able to convince the Wall Street men to give them money by getting them intoxicated and pretending to be their “friends” or stealing credit cards and taking money from their bank accounts. The girls work as a team and get money since the people who are going to the strip clubs can’t really prove that they were stolen from, this is because if they say that they “lost” money at a strip club it just seems as if they spent the money themselves and weren’t able to control themselves.

The justification in their acts comes from the stereotype that most, if not all, the people that work on Wall Street are stealing lots of money from many different people every day, so they are just getting payback for other people by taking money from the people that are stealing themselves.

The drugged or drunk Wall Street brokers that are being stolen from lost tens of thousands of dollars each to the women. Once the police investigate and arrest the women, they are interrogated, but not sentenced to jail or prison, and if they were it was a short sentence. The scamming of the men went on from the 2008 stock market crash, then ran on for a few years up until 2014 when the women were arrested. 

The movie is a roller coaster of mischief and excitement, and when they are living such wonderful and luxurious lives you can’t help but to feel envious of them, but in the end it all seems to catch up to them ending in a crash.