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Marvels superhero movie Shang-Chi makes strides to break stereotypes of Asian-Americans.

Shang-Chi: a superhero to fight the Asian monomyth

By Jessica Lin, Feature Editor November 8, 2021

As a fourth-grade Marvel fangirl needing a Halloween costume, I scoured the web for Asian superheroes. However, most of the lists resulted in obscure heroes that I hadn’t even heard of, so I eventually...

The Battle at Gardens Gate album cover, with twelve symbols representing each of the twelve songs on the album

Greta Van Fleet’s The Battle at Garden’s Gate: leading the charge for a Rock revival

By Sasha Cabral, Copy Editor November 8, 2021

“Rock is dead.” That’s a phrase that one too many rock fans have heard to justify why pop and rap currently dominate the mainstream music industry. It seeks to condemn the rock genre, as most people...

Uncommon combinations, such a the peanut butter and picket sammy sandwich are taste-tested in this story.

Peanut Butter and Pickles (And Other Gross-Good Food Combos)

By Sofia Hegstrom, Contributing Writer November 8, 2021

 Pepsi and milk. Takis and Cream Cheese. These controversial ‘food combo’ trends have been popularized on platforms such as Tiktok and Twitter, largely because of how polarizing they are. But are...

Brandy Melvilles One-Size Fits Small clothing brand has received criticisms failing to hire non-white employees and for body-shaming.

Brandy Melville- a one-size-fits-small, body-shaming brand

By Julian Namerow, Features Editor November 8, 2021

Brandy Melville, initially a European Brand that moved to the United States in 2009, advertises a one-size-fits-all clothing brand.  Their contemporary apparel follows the latest trends on Instagram,...

After a long wait, Deltarunes chapter 2 is finally out. Nows the time to ask the question - does it live up to Undertales reputation?

Deltarune is not Walmart Undertale: A review on Toby Fox’s most recent game

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor November 8, 2021

{{Disclaimer: Minimal spoilers for DELTARUNE chapters one and two, but possibly major spoilers for UNDERTALE ahead.}} It's a beautiful day outside; birds are singing, flowers are blooming - on days...

You, Season 3, takes stalking to a new level when the main character finds a new obsession to fawn over.

You Season 3 highlights how social media can affect “you”

By Jahrel Noble, Entertainment Editor November 8, 2021

WARNING: Minor Spoilers for You Seasons 1, 2, and 3 I, and many other people, feel they’ve been ‘stalked’ on social media. You know, at 1 AM when that random person from English class likes your...

Bond is pictured overlooking the horizon from his home in Jamaica.

Billie and Bond: The Boom of a New Music Star to the End of an Era

By Esha Sharma, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

Beep- beep- BOOM! The grave of Vesper Lynd blows up in James Bond’s face, marking the beginning to the plot of No Time to Die.  The new Bond movie, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and produced...

On the left is my thrifted Homecoming dress from the Salvation Army.

Thrifting Through Montrose

By Kaitlyn Garza, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

My eyes darted from clothing rack to clothing rack. I was glued, searching for a unique piece that I could flaunt with the words, “It’s thrifted!” My friend, Senior Julian Namerow, had been trying...

Catharsis and kimchi can be found for readers in Michelle Zauners book Crying in H-Mart

Crying in H Mart: tears with a side of ink

By Hilary Nguyen, Opinion Editor November 8, 2021

Crying in H Mart is ineffable. I have never read a book that has made me go from craving Korean food to catharsis-crying in just pages. Japanese Breakfast indie rockstar Michelle Zauner’s Crying in...

SHEIN, the fast-fashion company, overtook Amazon as the most downloaded app last year, but its affordable trends come at a cost.

#SHEIN fast fashion offers affordable trends at the cost of questionable eco and labor practices

By Ankitha Lavi, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

When a small company started making inexpensive wedding dresses in China, no one knew it would be one of the most successful fast-fashion companies in the world.  Through viral unboxing hauls and trendy...

Saturday mornings at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market on Westheimer and Alabama offer homemade dumplings, fresh-cut flowers, and butter-whipped chocolate croissants, among many other treats.

Urban Harvest Farmers Market: Mark Saturday mornings on your calendar

By Isabel Hoffman, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

Bright and early at 7AM, my little eight-year-old self was pouncing on my father as he read the newspaper on our brown pleated coach while he lovingly stroked our pet dog- Charcoal. No sooner did Charcoal...

Lankford Grocery on 88 Dennis Street near CVHS has been offering comfort food for the Fourth Ward neighborhood for more than eighty years.

Lankford Grocery: A Quiet Neighborhood Restaurant Near Carnegie

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

A couple of blocks away from Carnegie, on Genesee street, sits a small, red-lined, white building known as the Lankford Grocery and Market. It has been part of the Houston landscape for almost a hundred...

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