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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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Op-Ed: The TikTok-ification of the music industry

By Audrey Piczak, Opinions Editor December 4, 2023

Today, when turning on the FM pop radio, it’s likely that you will hear a song that you’ve heard on your favorite influencer’s TikTok videos. The Top 50 Charts on streaming platforms are featuring...

A visual representation symbolizing how the change of moving houses and renting out my childhood home felt.

Personal Column: Accepting the prelude

By Sasha Cabral, Editor-in-Chief December 3, 2023

Everything was gone. Empty. They had ransacked my house by the time I got back from my college trip to New York and Connecticut, but I expected this to happen. My tía and tío had scheduled the movers...

Eurovision 2023s winner for Sweden, Loreen, stands triumphantly in costume whilst holding the Eurovision trophy over her head. | Image credit: The Associated Press/NBC

Eurovision 2023: A Scandinavian scandal

By Nadia Talanker and Judith Carrizales May 17, 2023

This Saturday, Loreen, a 39-year-old singer and songwriter from Sweden, took home the iconic glass microphone trophy - an award commemorating her win at the 2023 Eurovision Song Competition.  Eurovision...

My headshot for a theater performance with my name written underneath

Personal Column: What’s in a name?

By Hagar Cohen, Opinions Editor April 24, 2023

“When I say your name, please say ‘here’ or ‘present’,” the unfamiliar adult said in a quiet classroom.  My worst nightmare, the biggest gamble of the day would fall upon me: Is my name...

The photo shows and represents the artistic interpretation of Parentification.

Personal Column: Mature for your age

By Rinn Wilson, Staff Writer April 24, 2023

It was past 10 p.m. as I pushed around the curled-up pasta I threw into a boiling pot of water. It was barely made well; in fact, it seemed to be disfigured into weird shapes that resembled ovals more...

As more young adults come to terms with their childhood  trauma, many of them realize that their parents are the root cause of it. (iStock, edits by Manizeh Rahman)

Op-Ed: It’s okay to not forgive your parents

By Manizeh Rahman, Contributing Writer April 24, 2023

In August 2022, “iCarly” actress Jennette McCurdy released “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” a memoir which details the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother, who caused her to develop severe eating...

Picture from Oregon Public Broadcasting

Op-Ed: People’s suffering used for poltical gains?!

By Sumedha Mohanty, Staff Writer April 24, 2023

The issue of school shootings is a tragic and complex one that demands thoughtful and compassionate responses from our political leaders. We have seen many from Nashville, Tennessee to Bellaire High School...

A very bad movie that knows it is bad.

Op-Ed: A defense of bad movies

By Nicki Anahita and Brooke Bushong April 24, 2023

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “Wow this is really bad. I’m gonna turn it off right now and watch something up to my taste levels, like 'Pulp Fiction' or some Batman movie?” Then you...

As CVHS students enter junior year, they have no choice but to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. (Joseph Mutagaya/Canva)

Op-Ed: The CVHS Junior’s Burden: Why TPSP and Research shouldn’t be required

By Joseph Mutagaya, Arts and Entertaiment Editor April 24, 2023

Sometime in the blur that was the online year, we had a conference with the administrators (one I certainly didn’t pay attention to) about course selection. At another time during that blur, I made a...

My brother hugging me in elementary school while I wistfully stared out into space.

Personal Column: Cherishing the impermanence of life

By Bao Nguyen, Staff Writer March 10, 2023

In typical younger sister fashion, I always barged into my brother’s room unannounced, but he never minded. He’d always be sitting at his computer desk playing games on a slightly torn rolling office...

Food drives are one of the most common and advertised donation drives that CVHS also hosts.

Op-Ed: Donating things is NOT donating time

By Cindy Cui, Opinion-Editorial Editor March 10, 2023

Sometimes, it is a little more than irksome to see that the ten hours I spent in the Houston heat cutting down invasive tree species at Discovery Green is found to be equivalent to some kid bringing in...

Simu Liu presented as the male lead in the movie adaptation of One True Loves.

Op-Ed: Dear Hollywood, please stop casting the same Asian males

By John Nguyen and Natalia Nguyen March 10, 2023

Two weeks ago, Buzzfeed released the trailer for their movie adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s "One True Loves." Fans of Reid were excited to see the 2016 novel come to the big screen. However, what...

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