The 10 Worst Siblings in the Entire History of the Universe


Everybody thinks their siblings are so annoying. Wait until you hear about these siblings who drove their family beyond insanity! From stealing the spotlight, to eating each other, here are the top 10 WORST siblings EVER: 


10. John Wilkes Booth

“I’ve been acting in Shakespeare’s plays for YEARS and I even starred in multiple ones! Just as I was moving up the social chain, John just shoots Lincoln and suddenly all the attention is on him. All I had to do was shoot a man in a hat during a play and I could’ve been known all over the country. This isn’t fair! I could’ve done that too, I mean I literally live in the theater. The world isn’t fair, he took my fame.” 

-Edwin Booth, aspiring actor, brother of John

9. Loki

“Okay in his defense, I am the better brother. I mean look how great I am! I’m strong and beautiful and I have great hair. He is in my shadow pretty much but he should be grateful because I am the one providing shade for him. Then he turns around and stabs me! He has tried to kill me so many times! What are you gaining from my death! We are okay now since he HAS been nicer, but golly he is one twisted fellow.” 

-Thor, God of Thunder, brother of Loki

8. Sand Tiger Shark

“My sisters ate me in the womb! I guess you learned a new fun fact that sand tiger shark babies eat each other. I wanted at least a chance at life, man. I was just in the womb and BAM! I ate without warning just because she was hungry.” 

-The eaten sand tiger shark brother

7. Eve

“She was made from my ribs by God to cure my loneliness, so she is my “sister”, but she is still my wife???? God sure is a silly man. Anyways, in the perspective of a sibling, she was awful! Her only job was not to eat an apple but she still did. She dragged me down with her by manipulating me into eating it. “Nothing bad will happen” she said, “it will be fine” she said. Anyways, we got banned from paradise and I am miserable.”         

-Adam, brother and husband of Eve

6. Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas

“I get that they’re all older than me but they are all famous. They are literally the Jonas Brothers. Everyone loves Nick, Joe, and Kevin, the 3 Jonas brothers who are the eye candy of every teen in America. What about me?! Frankie! The 4th brother! I’m always forgotten and they take all the fame and glory and I just sit at home watching them on TV. #showfrankiesomelove.” 

-Frankie Jonas, the forgotten brother, the youngest and forgotten Jonas brother

5. Cain

“I brought God some sheep and suddenly I’m dead. I mean it’s not my fault that God liked my sacrifice better. I’m a shepherd, what else could I have brought? All he had was wheat, I didn’t even judge him. Next thing I know I am attacked and I’m dead. Who’s going to take care of my sheep now? ” – Abel, son of Adam and Eve, dead brother of Cain

4. Debbie Gallagher

“I turn on the news and it turns out a baby was stolen from a birthday party. As I walk upstairs, I see Debbie with the baby and she said that she wanted to become a mother early. It’s not even her baby! Me and the rest of the family had to make an elaborate scheme to make it look like we found the baby and didn’t straight up kidnap it. It was such a tiring day and she’s done more just like that to be more mature. It’s tiring dude, I need a cigarette.” 
-Lip Gallagher, tired of Debbie, oldest brother of Debbie

3. Mufasa


“I was stronger and smarter. I even looked better! The “first-born” heir rule is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It was always Mufasa who was “better anyways”. He had a son and so it was for certain I’ll never be king. So what if I killed Mufasa? He had it coming. Simba was too young to rule anyways. It was MY destiny! Simba had his vengeance after a few years of my amazing ruling and I was fed to my own henchmen. Not cool bro.”
 -Scar, brother of Mufasa

2. Hades

“He kidnapped my daughter, his niece! He forced her to eat pomegranate seeds. How was she supposed to know not to eat it, she was just a kid! She was trapped! I only see my daughter 6 months each year now, and when she’s not here it’s cold and awful , I hate men.” 

-Demeter, goddess of nature, sister to Hades

1. My-Tran Vo

“I took her white converse and painted them red to be cool and edgy. They were perfectly white and she never even wore them! She literally hoards shoes at this point like some hoarder you see on that one TV show. How was I supposed to know she liked them? She never wore them, not even once! They were bland and white and needed spice anyways. She is still mad about it too, like geez stop holding grudges. She is literally evil and one day I am going to attack her.”

– Cherry Vo, younger sister of My-Tran Vo