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CVHS Clubs Experience a Mix of Obstacles and Success Online

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HISD Moves COVID Threat to Level 2 as 41% of Students Return to the Classrooms District-Wide

October 14, 2020

After six months of lockdown, students are finally getting the chance to go back to school. HISD has...

Seniors surveyed reveal a mix of hope and doubt in the outcome of the 2020 general election

October 14, 2020

It is a common tale that the youth is disengaged politically. However, while the Harvard Youth Poll reported...

Timeline: From Trump’s call with Gov Abbott to HISD’s school reopening

October 14, 2020

Only one month after the pandemic was declared in the U.S., President Trump has pushed states to reopen...

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What It Means to Pass Away During COVID-19 As a Buddhist

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Supporting sick family members from afar

April 27, 2020

My heart skipped a beat as I sat down to see my mother in tears and my father with a serious expression....

Coronavirus Di-seizes Senior Year

April 17, 2020

When news of a novel coronavirus began to make its way out of Wuhan, China, worry started to spread around...

When Masks are Nowhere to be Found

April 16, 2020

My aunt, Duyen Tran, is a salesperson at High Fashion Fabrics and since March 23, the business has shut...

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In 2020 we find new meaning in Camus’ The Plague

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May 18, 2020

The See 10 Do 10 challenge has arose across social media sites, mostly Instagram, to encourage others...

Dark Lane Demo Tapes: Even darker than it appears

May 12, 2020

Drake has been one of the most sonically predictable pop star of the most recent decade and furthermore...

Instagram’s 30-Day Song Challenge

April 30, 2020

This new normal has caused me to try many new things such as bike riding, cooking, redecorating, and...

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