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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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Caoilin Krathaus standing with her submission to the Art Bike Contest. (photo courtesy of Caoilin Krathaus)

Caoilin Krathaus is your local hippie Greta Thunberg

By Katheryn Consuegra and Neela Ravi January 28, 2023

Apparently, we’re not the first reporters to write an article on Caoilin Krathaus. She’s accumulated several stories about her since the early age of 8 years old. But to us and everyone else at...

Senior Caitlin Liman describes her journey as a dancer

Senior Caitlin Liman describes her journey as a dancer

By Abigail Nunez and Nicole Rodil Suarez January 27, 2023

Senior Caitlin Liman has always loved to move, to dance, to sing. Music is a part of her, and has even helped her strengthen some of her closest friendships. ”She came up to me at lunch one day and...

Lishan Bartlett-Will (right) and Baayan Badarna (left) pose at a soccer game.

Lishan Bartlett-Will and Baayan Badarna lead CVHS’s first-ever girls’ soccer season as a part of UIL

By Danielle Yampuler, Co-Editor in Chief January 27, 2023

Senior Lishan Bartlett-Will and junior Baayan Badarna have been playing soccer for over half of their lives. They can barely recall their first games, lost to the mowed green grass fields of time. What...

Jessica Lin (left) toughing out the cold weather in Pennsylvania and Jahrel Noble (right) after a Yale-Harvard football game

Life after CVHS: Jessica and Jahrel’s journey at Ivy Leagues

By Nicki Anahita and Sasha Cabral January 25, 2023

This story is a continuation of Upstream’s coverage on CVHS’s Class of 2022 valedictorian Jessica Lin and salutatorian Jahrel Noble. The story can be read here. Jessica Lin’s Story Jahrel Noble’s...

Audrey Kim performing with 713 dance ensemble in the 2022 dance season.

Junior Audrey Kim: dancing to express not impress

By Catherine Hu and Ella Pham October 20, 2022

The red curtain shrouded her face. Maroon and velvety darkness hid trembling fingers.  10 seconds. Her worries were counseled by silence, and her growing heartbeat acted like a countdown. Five...

Post-Calculus teacher Stephanie Chen poses with her Astros teacher award which she was nominated for by her students.

Stephanie Chen– plexar puzzler, color guard coordinator, cross-stitching sage and math master

By Sumedha Mohanty and Chiamaka Uwalaka October 20, 2022

There she was, a college student, sitting in her car after a night of drinking with some friends. One of them finds a calculus textbook in her car. Next thing you know, Stephanie Chen and her friend are...

Harris shows off his famous cat mask, paired with another daily cat shirt.

Micah Harris and the “Furry Faces of Innocence” on his phone

By Jerry Fan and Ava Lim October 20, 2022

Not everyone knows his name, but everyone knows his face—or rather, everyone knows his cat face mask. You’ve seen him in the hallways a few times, and for some reason, he sticks out to you. You...

Jake Wolff feeding an Asian elephant, Methai, water from a hose.

Senior Jake Wolff is your undercover elephant whisperer

By Nina Nguyen, Feature Editor October 20, 2022

Many CVHS students know senior Jake Wolff for having one of the most beautiful heads of hair and his serious love for bread. Fewer know him as an elephant whisperer. Besides being a busy student, Wolff...

Choi manages to draw anywhere, even in the oddest places. Here, he is sitting in a bathtub during a power outage, drawing in his sketchbook.

Sprouting creativity: An exploration of junior Elliot Choi’s creative process

By Bao Nguyen and Rinn Wilson October 20, 2022

CVHS junior Elliot Choi opens his sketchbook to a blank, dull page as the sun sets along the horizon line. A quiet, warm breeze pulls the shrubbery in a melodic sway, and so does his pen as it flows across...

Photo of CVHS Assistant Principal Juan Garner during the first year (2004) CVHS became an official school.

Assistant Principal Juan Garner’s 26-year pedagogical history is tied to CVHS’ own history

By Judith Carrizales and Sakina Hafeez October 20, 2022

During his youth, CVHS Assistant Principal, Juan Garner was fascinated by maps. He drew maps of his childhood neighborhood, created imaginary maps and made cities in the dirt for his Hot Wheels car set....

QB Nguyen-Hoang in an aquarium amongst his fellow fishy friends.

QB Nguyen-Hoang makes a splash with his aquariums

By Nicki Anahita and Danielle Yampuler October 20, 2022

The glistening freshwater casts a familiar light across the floor. QB Nguyen-Hoang examines the water’s effervescent dance along the glass, almost as if it’s been carefully choreographed by the life...

Junior Ryder Plante rides his way through the US Equestrian Federation competitions

Junior Ryder Plante rides his way through the US Equestrian Federation competitions

By Karla Berrueto and Nicole Rodil Suarez October 20, 2022

When junior Ryder Plante is not caring for his two dogs, two gerbils, cat and donkey, he can be found competing with his horse in the U.S. Equestrian Federation competition circuit. When asked if he...

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