Op-Ed: People’s suffering used for poltical gains?!

Picture from Oregon Public Broadcasting

Picture from Oregon Public Broadcasting

The issue of school shootings is a tragic and complex one that demands thoughtful and compassionate responses from our political leaders. We have seen many from Nashville, Tennessee to Bellaire High School which is in our very own school district. Unfortunately, all too often, politicians have been known to use these heartbreaking events as a means of advancing their own political agendas which I believe is very unethical. 


It is deeply troubling to see politicians taking advantage of the pain and suffering of victims and their families for their own gain. Instead of focusing on solutions that could actually make a difference in preventing future tragedies, politicians use these events as opportunities to push their own agendas and further their own careers.

One of the most common ways politicians exploit school shootings is by politicizing the debate around gun control. While it is certainly important to have a conversation about gun control in the aftermath of these events, it is not appropriate to use them as a political tool. Politicians who do so are essentially saying that they care more about winning elections than they do about finding real solutions to this problem. 

An example of this is in our current politics, according to ABC News, “Democrats like Biden once again called on what they refer to as “reasonable Republicans” to join them in passing more gun safety measures while Republicans once again slammed Democrats for trying to exploit the tragedy for political purposes.”

(AP News)

Furthermore, by making school shootings a political issue, politicians are creating unnecessary divisions within our society. Instead of coming together to work towards a common goal, people are encouraged to take sides on whether they support gun violence or not, and many people just care about demonizing people who have a certain stance on this topic. An example of this is how according to CNN Politics, Biden and White House officials are urging Congress to act but there is no proper action being taken as there is opposition from the other side to take proper action. This only serves to make the problem worse, as it distracts from the real issues and prevents meaningful dialogue from taking place.

Finally, by using school shootings as a political tool, politicians risk trivializing the very real pain and suffering that victims and their families experience. These events are not just political talking points–they are tragedies that leave lasting scars on those who are affected by them. Politicians who use them for their own gain are showing a profound lack of empathy and compassion for those who are hurting.

(ABC News)

In conclusion, it is deeply troubling to see politicians taking advantage of school shootings for their own political gain. This behavior not only distracts from the real issues at hand but also risks trivializing the very real pain and suffering of those affected by these tragedies. It is time for our political leaders to put aside their partisan agendas and work together to find real solutions to this problem. Only then can we hope to prevent future tragedies and honor the memories of those who have been lost.