Donate Your Blood Friday Nov 22


Photo courtesy of CVHS NHS

Students from last year donate blood during the NHS Blood Drive

Starting the 22 of November, Carnegie’s Club NHS, sponsored by Ms. Masiglat, will be hosting a blood drive to help those in need. Students age 16 and over will be able to donate blood, with those being 16 years old will have to get their parents approval first. 

People can donate either after or before SSEP, through first period through fifth periods and throughout lunch. The process for a single single to donate blood will range to 40 minutes of school time. Students will already have permission to be excluded from class. 

Throughout the years that the Blood Drive has been active, “usually it ranges from about 28 to 30 people being able to donate” as stated by the president of NHS, Malika Top. Students that plan to donate during class time will be picked up during class by the members of the blood drive. 

Students attending will have to be prepared. Regulations will be in place for the Blood Drive. 

You will not be able to donate if you have:

  • Past drug use 
  • Symptoms of AIDS
  • Malaria

Requirements include:

  • being at least 5’4 tall and 110 pounds in weight. 

Students are also recommended to not donate if they are low on iron. Before you donate, students will have to make sure to have a good night’s sleep, eat a proper meal beforehand and drink plenty of fluids. Students will have “a lot of prep work” ahead of them. Students will have to weighed, measured and they will also have to fill out papers for their past medical history. For anymore questions featuring the Blood Drive, students will be able to go to Kailey Clifford, Ritika Palacharla, Taisia Pominov, Diego Acosta, Jennifer Lo, and Aditi Ranganathan. 

The Blood Drive, being run by Malika Top the president of NHS, will have the blood donated to the Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center. About one in seven people entering a hospital are in need of blood, and with your help, these people will be able to receive the help they need. If you are eligible to donate blood you will be helping those in fatal or near lethal positions. Other dates will be posted for students that will not be able to donate the 22nd.