“Jumanji: The Next Level”- Camels and Mandrils- Oh My!

The sequel movie in the reprised franchise of Jumanji, “Jumanji: The Next Level,” directed by Jake Kasdan is an entertaining blend of comedy and adventure, guaranteeing a laugh and a rush of escapade.

The previous Jumanji movie, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” ended with a feeling of relief as everyone made it out of the game and had all formed close bonds. It also surprised viewers in the anticipation and build-up that surrounded the movie as it was a reprise of a cult classic and already had high expectations because of it.

With the first reprise living up to expectations, viewers were not disappointed in the sequel as well. They were promised action, adventure, and of course, comedy, in “The Next Level,” directed by Jake Kasdan as well.

Leading up to the premiere, all cast members were lips tight on any small details about the film. While highly anticipated, fans didn’t know what to expect besides humor and action. . The sequel was surprisingly adequate in terms of comedy relatable to audiences. 

Without revealing too much context of the film, it allowed the characters to revisit their past crisis of being trapped inside the game Jumanji. It uncovered character archetypes like heroes, and bravery as they all went back in the game voluntarily to save their beloved friend, Spencer portrayed by Alex Wolff. I was not let down in the department of the rush of excitement. Every decision a character made left me on the edge of my seat. 

Overall it was an ugly laugh kind of movie; However, it lacked the surprise factor of the last film and sometimes felt rough around the edges. Something that saved the film was the even further push in its body-swap antics in order to deliver even more humor than the previous film in the franchise, as well as beat expectations in comedy.

With camel riding, jumping off of bridges, the most heart-racing scene, was the running from Mandrils. Mandrils are, for lack of better terms,  monkeys on steroids. It was a nail-biting scene as they were in danger and it left viewers with the question, will they survive?

This action-packed movie, was also very dangerous to film as there were many stunts. Not only that, but most cast members chose to do their own stunts. Actress Karen Gillan performed a stunt of being thrown off of a bridge by a mandril. Even though these stunts were dangerous, they only bettered the movie. The actors were dedicated and wanted to give the viewers something to enjoy.

“Jumanji: The Next Level,” delivered heart races and was a tear-jerker from laughter. In relation to the saying, “There is no game, like an old fun game,” the fictional Jumanji realm is reactivated and revisited and the slippery slope trap door fun creates adventure you don’t want to miss. It awoke the inner childhood nostalgia. Overall, this movie is a thumbs up from me.