CVHS Loses to HAIS: 3 Seconds Lost in Last Quarter


Rhino Noah Needle, player #1 defended by Johnson, player #7 on HAIS while shooting a three-pointer.

CVHS 45, HAIS 48,  Regular Season Game 

With Carnegie winning 3 games this season, the basketball team had come into the Jan 24 game against HAIS with hopes of continuing the streak.

Friday night in Houston, Rhinos v. HAIS, the Carnegie gym was filled with supporting parents and students, the players warm-up and cheerleaders practice, it was an exciting night.

The Carnegie Rhinos have won 3 games this season and played to win on Friday. Only practicing once this week, they started off down by 4 but quickly took the lead by the middle of the first quarter.

Senior players Rex Zhou and Noah Needle made several three-pointers and lay-ups throughout the game which contributed to their sizable lead for most of the game excluding the first and last few minutes. HAIS player number 7 made multiple memorable shots throughout the game such as a dunk in the third quarter and multiple threes in the fourth quarter, many of which took place with seconds left.

“All in all we worked together, but in the end, the seniors kind of wanted to take over since we’re down,” said Rhino Jailan Routt, number 3.

The beginning of the fourth quarter started off strong for the Rhinos, but with five minutes left, HAIS began to take a lead with number seven taking over, and Carnegie was down by seven with four minutes left but managed to bring it to 45- 48 with less than a minute left and senior players Zhou and Needle making three-pointers back to back.

“We really just woke up in the fourth quarter and sealed the deal,” said Johnson, number 7 on HAIS. The ending of the game had all the fans on their feet and players sprinting back and fourth down the floor and multiple fouls being called on both teams.

The last 30 seconds of the game were filled with excitement. With 2.6 seconds left and Carnegie down by 3, there were technical difficulties with the scoreboard and the game ended abruptly after both HAIS and Carnegie made several attempts to tie the score and get it to overtime. The game ended and HAIS won by a small margin, cheers filled the room and players shook hands.

“We didn’t really practice that much that week, so we only had one practice before and I didn’t even know we had a game Friday til the morning of,” said sophomore Rhino Donovan Snell, number 5.

Ending off the players have one final thought to leave us with, “We just need to practice more, we have good players and we just need to translate that to an even better team” said team captain Rex Zhou.