Gotta go fast- Into the theaters for Sonic the Hedgehog!

You walk in to the
Sonic the Hedgehog movie expecting to come out saying “That’s no good,” but then you walk out saying “Gotta go fast,” annoying your friends with your stupid Sonic quotes. But you can’t help it. That’s just how good this movie was.

The Sonic movie is an action packed adventure movie that was released on February 14, with plenty of fights within. It even hints at the high possibility of a second movie to be released in the coming years. The biggest change to the movie was the redesign of Sonic, which made him look a lot cleaner when the movie came out. Many memes were born from this movie, and many memes were used for this movie, such as the infamous Sanic meme from 2010.

The movie starts out with Sonic having to leave his home as a baby through the use of the rings he collects in the games and traveling to many different planets until he ends up on Earth. He thengoes to a town named Green Hills, a nod to the first level in the Sonic game. He lives his life out peacefully, but alone, until he’s discovered and starts being chased by Dr. Robotnik. When he attempts to leave he loses his rings and is forced to travel with Tom Wachowski, the town’s chief of police, to retrieve them. 

Throughout this journey Sonic bonds with Tom to the point where they become good friends. When he finally retrieves his rings is when the final battle with Dr. Robotnik begins Action packed and filled to the brim with explosions, this fight showcasing Robotnik’s genius and Sonic’s incredible speed. It is definitely one of the movies defining scenes. After Robotnik is finally defeated by Tom and Sonic, they send him to another world where he becomes what we see in the games, and Sonic decides to stay on Earth and live the rest of his life out with Tom.

The before and after animation for Sonic the Hedgehog.

The animation of the movie when it was first being produced was utter garbage. The CGI was terrible, the spikes on the back of his head weren’t working for him, and it looked like a car crash happened in his mouth. Then they changed his overall look. The animation has the traditional look that everyone grew up with, but was so much cleaner. The drones used by Dr. Robotnik looked so realistic and it just added to the aesthetic feel of the movie. It went from horrendous to stunning.

The movie stars the blue blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, along with his human friend Tom Wachowski, who is played by James Marsden. Throughout the movie he proves himself to be an amazing role for his character, with lines like “No, this is not some fun family road trip.” and “No. I mean, yes, it’s a child, but it’s not mine.” He brings a sense of realism to the character, because he reacts just how a normal person would in his situation. It also stars the main Sonic villain, Dr. Robotnik, also known as Eggman, who is played by Jim Carrey, a fabulous choice for the role, even leading him to, what I believe, was the best character in the entire film. Jim Carrey was an incredibly hilarious character full of surprising depth, and it was fun to see him as the villain, especially when compared to everyone else in the film. He even spoke the now famous line “I was not expecting that. But I was expecting to not expect something so it doesn’t count.” Carrey’s acting creates a spark of hilarity within the movie an

d makes the movie feel much more funny, in a more wild and stupid way.

The movie was an overall fun adventure to witness on screen. The new Sonic design, Jim Carrey, and all the memes make it so this movie turned out better than expected. I give it a nice thumbs up, 3.5/5 stars.