Join a man and his dog on an emotion ride in Call of the Wild

20th Century Studios

The Call of the Wild was first a book written by Jack London. Fans were thrilled to hear that there would be the second remake of this heartfelt story. A special dog has a calling and you see the miraculous journey he goes through.

With such a beautiful story fans would expect the movie,  produced by Erwin Stoff and directed by Chris Sanders to be just as good. 

Buck is the mayor’s dog and is well known throughout the neighborhood. Buck is very spoiled and he does what he wants, so when he eats and ruins the mayor’s birthday party by making a huge mess he gets put outside to sleep. Like the book, Buck is scared of the thunder and the rain, and when a dognapper comes to seduce him into a small treat he falls for it. The dognapper sells and ships the dog off to Canada and this is where Buck’s long and adventurous story starts.

Perrault (Omar Sy) is from Africa and works with a sled of dogs to deliver mail across people who live in Canada. He is a nice, loving, caring, and respectful figure. When he comes across Buck, he automatically senses a strong relationship. Perrault is a very fun entertaining character that will be loved by audiences. Jack Thornton (Harrison Ford) is a quiet settled down man who wants to get away from feeling the pain of losing his son and wife. He is a drinker and often depressed, but when he meets Buck his life lights up. They explore the lands of Canada and in the end find their calling. Harrison Ford did such a spectacular job portraying his character. The movie is so powerful in character development and plots it could make you shed a tear.

The character with the most attention was, of course, Buck, the big strong dog. The CGI for Buck is truly a masterpiece. Each hair strand was generated with precision and realistic qualities. It was very hard to tell that the dog was CGI because the movements and look and sounds were almost incomparable to real life. What I liked about Buck was that the producers were able to tell a story without language. You weren’t struggling with the storyline because of the beautiful elements and that is what makes the film so special.

The Call of The Wild is a truly amazing film filled with many heartaches and uplifting moments. If you don’t think you’ll like it, think again because you will. The beautiful scenery, acting, and action will make you fall in love with this film.