Uh-oh! CVHS students share embarrassing moments when they didn’t realize their camera was on

We all make mistakes, especially funny ones. But have you ever made a mistake during class? If you haven’t, then you are extremely lucky. Upstream News asked CVHS students to share some embarrassing moments they had when they didn’t realize their camera was on during class.

Junior Ash Brown

One time, during a club meeting that I was running, my mom got upset with me because I forgot to take out the trash. She started yelling at me in the middle of my presentation so that the whole club could hear. I had to leave the meeting and have my VP take over. The meeting was recorded, so the members can go back anytime and hear my mom getting about me about the trash.

Brown stated that he felt embarrassed afterward, but he didn’t receive a punishment due to the embarrassment being bad enough.

Sophomore Razin Abbas

I screamed at my mom because she threw my dirty socks out of my shoe, at my face, while I was eating, and everyone heard me. Also during film class, we were presenting our projects and I was shirtless. I accidentally turned on my camera and everyone saw me for a solid 3 seconds.

Freshman Dan Contreras

In Mrs. Lee’s class, it was my turn to read a passage, and while I was reading, my little brother was crying and wailing hysterically because my sister took away his toy. Everyone heard it, to the point to where I just told Ms. Lee if I can go and handle it, and she said yes. So I stopped reading and turned off my mic.

After he noticed immediately, he quickly muted his mic. Most of his classmate’s concern was towards his younger brother, making sure he was okay.

Junior Ankitha Lavi

In Ms. Harris’ class, my mic went off TWO times- not once, but TWO. Anyways, both of the times featured my younger brother talking to me about his homework. I don’t understand how it happened, and am still very confused today.

After Ms. Harris informed her about the situation, she then made sure her mic was off while shouting into her pillow. 


Junior Reese Whatley

I started singing Sofia by Clairo during class one time and forgot my mic was on.


Sophomore Srikar Nethi

This one time, I was on the phone with my mom and I completely forgot my mic was still on unmute. I proceeded to list all the groceries and also said things in a foreign language.

Nethi stated that his younger brother was the one who informed him, causing Nethi not to stay silent for the rest of the day. 


Sophomore Abasiama Ibanga

A friend sent me a few text posts to read. I ended up reading both of them out loud, one mentioning smashing a child’s head with a rock, the other about buying a Gucci belt to flex on your family, despite being impoverished and the entire family starving. My mic was on the entire time.


I once had my mic on while I was showering my dog with affection and was telling him, “Dog I’m doing a project but you can be cute over here because we’re almost done.

She stated that no one had said anything aloud but informed her by texting her in the slides of the group project.