10 Best places to cry on campus


Crying on campus is arguably a quintessential part of the CVHS experience. There’s no shame in the game- crying is self-soothing; it takes away pain and allows for you to restore emotional balance. So the question must be asked: where are good places to cry on campus? Below, I have detailed ten places you will want to either go to or avoid the next time you find yourself crying on campus.

1. Counselor’s office

Tried and tested – trust. This spot is so underrated! Underclassmen, take notes. You can detoxify your body while building a relationship with your school counselors, something that will come in handy when you have to get a counselor recommendation letter for college senior year! 

2. The hill

What better way to romanticize an academic-inspired crying session? You can live out your main character moment by dramatically pacing up and down the hill with tears running down your face. Bonus points if you’re in a nice outfit, it’s raining, and you have a sad monologue prepared. However, it’s almost always hot outside, and the hill/amphitheater is normally crowded. So, if having spectators at your crying fest isn’t ideal, skip the hill. 

3. Fine arts restroom

This is the only restroom in school with a door. You can wail as you please, and no one will be able to hear you. Only downside is that your tears might freeze from how cold it is there. 

4. Math hallway restroom

During lunch, this restroom is the place to cry. There is almost never a line, so you’ll almost never have to uncomfortably hold in your tears, which you know will end up coming out as inconsolable snorting sobs, while waiting for others to finish scrolling on their phones. You might even find a calculus student crying after realizing there’s no way they’ll pass the upcoming exam or a physics student suffering the effects of trying to comprehend angular momentum.

5. Library

If you don’t mind putting on a show, this is a good place. People are either here to study, print something, or hang out. People who align in the first two groups will ignore you anyways. However, if you happen to fall asleep afterward in between two isles, someone from the last group might take a photo of you and send it to @carnegieshlumped

The library gets some bonus points because you can cry in here without having to stop working. The Harvard Business Review says multitasking isn’t real but in the library, anything is possible. You can fill out your progress log for AP research/TPSP with blurry eyes after seeing that no one filled out your survey.

6. Field

A good place to run from your problems. The wind in your face, the sounds of your heavy footsteps against the grass, and the memories of running the mile in freshman year will drown out your whimpers. Don’t forget, crying is just your eyes sweating! If you happen to get hit by a frisbee or a spikeball in the process, just blame your tears on that.

7. Humanities hallway restroom

There is always someone in here so bawl your eyes out fast. Afterwards, go to the cafeteria so you can sad-eat HISD lunch, which will either make you start crying again or smile, depending on the day.

8. Sky Prairie

Nature heals! Get rid of all your stress by staring at the beautiful scenery that is the Proguard Self Storage building across the roof. And if a fire breaks out in the science hall, rush back into the building and put it out with your endless tears. Saving the school by crying!

9. Meeting table in Principal Moss’ office quad

Has anyone ever cried here? I never have, but when I was in here once for a meeting, I couldn’t help but think about how amazing it would be to cry here. Can’t be sad if you’re crying in arguably the most exclusive location in school. Cry your heart out while snacking on Gardetto’s or some candy from the table. Most students will graduate before having stepped foot in here, so the privilege you feel while crying in this elite spot should hypothetically stop tears. Perhaps you might find the Snoopy house that was in the front of the school in winter 2018 somewhere.

10. Front office

If you have tried every single place on this list and still don’t have a favorite crying place, here is a last resort. After finding out that you didn’t pass your biology exam, you can come here during a passing period to momentarily escape Carnegie, choose a chair to sit in, and cry. Remember to time your crying session well though, because you might have to wait a minute before getting let back into the hallway.