Why each subject in school is utterly useless



TIME TRAVEL WAS INVENTED?! Oh. It wasn’t. Then why do I need to know about the past if it isn’t a part of a government plan to blend into any time period I need in order to preserve the timeline…? That’s lame. It’s totally not like knowing about the past can help prevent future disasters instead of fumbling for a solution. Once something happens, it can never repeat. 


Why do you need language? To speak to other people. How can you do that with a language as convoluted as English? That word I just used, convoluted, has like a million different synonyms. I could’ve used complicated, confusing, puzzling, or perplexing to get the same point across. Language should be simple and to the point. I suggest trying another one, like Sarcee or Chemehuevi. It should be fine, I mean, being easier to speak is better than being able to communicate with more people clearly and effectively.   


Talking and writing is hard. One hurts your voice after too long, and the other hurts your wrist. That’s too much. Just learn ASL. Communicating with different types of people is overrated anyways. Understanding other people’s viewpoints in order to prevent misinformation isn’t that important. Yes, we live in a society, but that doesn’t mean I have to rely on anyone other than myself.


I refuse to be a part of accidentally creating some science freak accident. Whether it be a zombie apocalypse or robots taking over- count me out. I mean everything will work out if I don’t do anything about it, like how can I die in a pandemic if I’m doing what I always have. It didn’t kill me then, why should I “social distance” now. I still want to talk to people. Instead, I’ll be here remaining naive to all the things that could possibly kill me. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than NO ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Believe me, just look it up.