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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

Upstream News

The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

Upstream News

The front entrance of Carnegie, through which have walked many great friends, mentors, teachers, and leaders. Education is something that can often be personal, so talking about Carnegie is not very easy.

Goodbye, Carnegie

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer June 15, 2022

There comes a time when a person must look back on the most recent years of their life and reflect on things they have accomplished, as well as the things they have not. I’ll miss Carnegie. Carnegie...

Putting a smile on to deceive the public is apart of having imposter syndrome. photo courtesy of Somerville - University of Oxford student story, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Personal Column: Carnegie Imposter

By Roxell Bonilla, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

Imposter Syndrome occurs when one feels they do not belong in the environment they are in. A person who pretends to be someone else to deceive others. A person who, in order to fit in, changes everything...

Personal Column: Hacked

Personal Column: Hacked

By Ava Lim, Co-Editor in Chief May 27, 2022

I’m lying about who I am. Or at least, that’s what Instagram says. I’d been scrolling with half my brain for the last half hour, when suddenly, a red error message: You have been logged out.  Hm....

Welcome to Dear Upstream, Carnegies first advice column.

Dear Upstream- CVHS’s first advice column

By Jahrel Noble, Noah Mohamed, and Nicki Anahita April 20, 2022

Welcome to CVHS's advice column.  Meet your wise advice-givers: Tom- Noah Mohamed (Satire) Jerry- Nicki Anahita (Satire) Noble Knight- Jahrel Noble (Real) Gossip Girl, Grade 12 Dear...

Analisa helps me do my hair, a effeminate task I have not yet learned how to do.

Personal Column: Bimbo? Bimbo.

By My-Tran Vo, Staff Writer April 20, 2022

A bimbo is an attractive but stupid girl. I never wanted to become her. I was better than that. I wasn't like other girls. Other girls only cared about hot boys and the color pink. It was their whole personality...

My friend Vhlor and I waiting for a Mitski concert to begin.

Personal Column: It’s about tempo

By Danielle Yampuler, Co-Editor in Chief March 9, 2022

I was five years old at my first concert. Stone Sour, a five-person heavy metal band was the main act, but just getting to them took sitting through five opening bands- an excessive amount of openers...

A shattered, lace-adorned teddy bear

Personal Column: The perfect feminist

By Nicki Anahita, Managing and News Editor March 9, 2022

There’s this perfect feminist.  She talks about politics and criticizes those who don’t. She doesn’t wear makeup unless it’s to make a point. She’s loud and constantly makes herself heard....

The movie Mean Girls depicts an arguably typical high school experience is a far cry from my own.

Is high school really like the movies?

By Rugveda Patil, Staff Writer March 8, 2022

Ugh. Here I am awake at 4 a.m. and doing my research paper. This is not what I thought my high school experience would be like. I remember watching Lemonade Mouth, Degrassi, and obviously High School Musical,...

Column: High school sweethearts- heres how to make your relationship last longer than 4 months

Column: High school sweethearts- here’s how to make your relationship last longer than 4 months

By Julian Namerow, Features Editor February 20, 2022

Only about 2% of high school sweethearts last. Here at Carnegie.... that sounds about right. It seems like every kid at Carnegie is practically dating each other. But sorry to break the news- not everyone...

South Asian society and culture oftentimes clashes with American culture.

South Asian Standards: a double-edged sword

By Ankitha Lavi, Staff Writer February 2, 2022

It was shocking. It was rare. It was a complex experience. There he was.  Breathing.  The crowd goes wild. Everyone is cheering him on. Fireworks are sparkling through the night as if it was the...

Liman questions if our school workload is training students to be workaholics.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired – a workaholic culture crisis

By Caitlin Liman, Staff Writer February 2, 2022

Work, work, work. Breathe- hustle, grind, hustle. Breathe- work, work, work. Finish the 1500-word literature review for AP Research. Lead a 2 hour dance practice. Study and practice for the APUSH DBQ....

Personal Column: Just Asexual

Personal Column: Just Asexual

By Brooke J Ferrell, Entertainment Editor December 9, 2021

“I’m not kissing my best friend.” My acting coach stared at me, incomprehension on her face. I’d been working in this studio for months, building fragile trust with new coaches, but I’d never...

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