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CVHS Debate sweeps qualifying rounds, advances into HUDL City Championships

CVHS Debate sweeps qualifying rounds, advances into HUDL City Championships

By My-Tran Vo, Staff Writer May 27, 2021

On May 8, CVHS' debate team placed in over 15 UIL events, winning Squad of the Year and qualifying for the Houston Urban Debate League (HUDL) City Championships. : Lincoln-Douglas Varsity Octa Finalists:...

Good and Gory: Mortal Kombat Movie Review

Good and Gory: Mortal Kombat Movie Review

By Talia Moghnieh, Staff Writer May 27, 2021

I recently watched the Mortal Kombat movie that came out on April 23 on my HBO Max account. It came out in theaters, and in 3D, as well as on the HBO Max streaming service. This Mortal Kombat movie is...

Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama hold a spotify podcast titled, Renegades: Born in the USA.

President Obama juggles scholarly discussion with political trepidation in podcast Renegades: Born in the USA

By Ash Brown, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

Race is a delicate subject in the United States. Since the end of the explosive Civil Rights and other social justice movements of the late 60’s and early 70’s, American society has grown hesitant...

Texas Association of Journalism Education Awards Upstream News Staff Members Recognition in “Best of Texas” Contest for Scholastic Journalism

April 16, 2021

Congratulations to these Upstream News staff members for being recognized for their journalistic writings in the statewide Texas Association of Journalism Education's Best of Texas contest. News Category Judith...

You dont have to start first period with your stomach empty with these quick breakfast ideas.

Quick Breakfast Ideas for Busy Students

By Alexandra Silva and Diego Gonzalez March 8, 2021

Exasperation- the first emotion of the morning after an intense beep beep beep, and then snooze once. Beep beep beep. Five more minutes! Snooze twice. Beep beep beep. I’ll just “rest my eyes” for...

The task of getting into and applying for colleges can be daunting for any high school student. Three people who have walked that path share their experiences here.

2 College Graduates and A College Student Address Common Concerns on College Decisions

By Chiemelie Chinweuba, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

College decisions can be hard for many highschool students. There is much to be considered, the price of the college, the area it’s in, what you’ll study. The list goes on. This all varies depending...

Some social media platforms, like Youtube, prepare to lift their ban on Trumps account.

Even though Trump’s social media has been banned, fake news persists

By Ashley Becerra, Staff Writer March 5, 2021

On January 8, Twitter permanently banned Trump from using the platform after he was found to incite the Capitol riots on January 6.. However, the ban has not stopped the circulation of misinformation and...

Freshman dropped off the grid

By Roxell Bonilla, Staff Writer November 22, 2020 Interview with Mr. Ceja on the computer distribution and other issues with technology and internet for the school year...

CVHS club announcement board offers a variety of student-run activities for the campus to join, even from their homes.

CVHS Clubs Experience a Mix of Obstacles and Success Online

By Nicole Rodil Suarez and Leslie Reyes October 14, 2020

Looking at the CVHS clubs announcement board can be quite dizzying for some students. There are currently 93 student-run clubs listed on CVHS' website and usually in full swing during lunch times on a...

Students and teachers are expected to wear their masks during standardized testing.

Standardized Testing While Social Distancing: CVHS Prepares for Testing Season

By Vivian Huynh and Gabi Rodriguez October 14, 2020

CVHS is officially in test day countdown. From October 27th through October 29th, the school will host the College Board’s PSAT for freshmen and juniors, and the SAT for seniors. Given the COVID-19 circumstances,...

Virtual learning demands college- level self-discipline of CVHS students

By Alvaro Alvarez and Aridian Martinez October 14, 2020

CVHS students are now getting a taste of the self-discipline needed to survive virtual learning this semester.    Ever since online learning started in the last cycle of the 2019-2020...

(top)Seattle drugstore employees gather downtown amid 1918s influenza pandemic
(bottom)Pedestrians crossing the streets of downtown New York City mid- COVID-19 pandemic, 2020

An all-too familiar past: unfolding two of the past centuries’ deadliest pandemics

By Gabi Rodriguez, Editor In-Chief May 13, 2020

With the global population enduring the unwelcomed arrival of COVID-19, our lifestyles have unanimously veered into a bender. We find ourselves in an age with no guidelines, where the amount of honors...

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