Why are off-campus privileges revoked?


Manizeh Rahman

After seniors spent their off-campus periods in the library, that privilege was revoked.

Every year, CVHS seniors look forward to certain freedoms that come with being in the graduating class. They offer a source of relief for seniors after taking three years’ worth of rigorous courses. However, one privilege — off-campus lunch — has been suspended before, due to violations of certain rules. It was suspended last year and this year, and it was also suspended for a time this year before being reinstated on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Some seniors expressed their disappointment with its suspension but hope to see it again in the future.

“Off-campus lunches are gone because people couldn’t, you know, handle the rules that were in place regarding what we can and can’t do during off-campus lunch,” Jake Wolff, CVHS senior, said.

Off-campus lunch rules include not using a vehicle, not bringing food back to campus, meeting an academic threshold of 70 and above in all classes, consent from a parent or guardian, and leaving and returning to campus within the required timeframe.

Senior Tiara Blake explained some of the incidents that caused off-campus lunch to be revoked.

“[There were] people smuggling underclassmen out of school… people using cars, just breaking any rule that the school had [put in place],” said Blake. “There was [also] one instance where I heard people were being unfair to a local business in a way that I will not elaborate on.”

Blake also expressed her dissatisfaction with some of the restrictions currently in place.

“I will say [that] I am not a fan of the no car use, just because there’s not that many places to go around this campus that are [a] walkable distance,” said Blake. “I think it would actually be faster if we were able to use our cars [so we could get back in time].”

Another factor Carnegie admin takes into account is student behavior.

“They are relatively strict about the off campus just because this is a school that cares more about discipline,” Blake said.

Last Tuesday, off campus lunch was reinstated. 

“I think now that we have it back, we have to be a lot more cautious about what we do, because it is very fun to have. That’s one of the nice pluses about being a senior. [It’s] having that opportunity to go off campus,” Blake said.

Off-periods are another privilege that seniors look forward to. Students can take up to three off-periods in their senior year.  Once released from school, they are able to do anything they wish. 

“I get off at 2:30 every day. I go with my friends to do a bunch of fun stuff. We go get food, go to the museums, the zoo. It’s really a matter of whatever we want to do,” Wolff said.

But sometimes, students choose to stay on campus. Some students go to various teachers’ classrooms or formerly, the library. Recently, the library privilege was suspended.

“As long as the teachers are okay with it, I don’t see a reason why that’s an issue,” Wolff said. “You can tell me if you as a student that doesn’t have off-periods find it to be an issue, but for the most part, I mean, most of those kids that don’t go anywhere take that time to study or to just chill, they’re not getting in anyone’s way.”

Special privileges such as off-campus lunch can be the highlight of a student’s senior year. However, they may not stay for long if students don’t follow the rules.