TikTok takeover spreads to PowerSchool and Canvas

Created by Ahmed Aslam in Google Drawings

Created by Ahmed Aslam in Google Drawings

Breaking News! While TikTok continues their pursuit to spread their influence all over the world, other apps have adopted the classic TikTok style. TikTok rose to popularity because of its simplicity and quick content, and the short-form videos have become a stepping stool for other apps to use to increase their audience. These apps include long-standing social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

With the TikTok takeover already spreading to other apps, PowerSchool and Canvas have been rumored to be considering using this style of swiping through videos. But how would PowerSchool and Canvas adopt this style without deterring the educational properties that these two apps are supposed to possess?

Along with the swiping format, PowerSchool is also rumored to be writing a script to check how frequently people check and swipe through their grades. Here at CVHS, that script will be reporting 24/7 use.

A consideration for adopting the “TikTok style” into Canvas could be having an ability to swipe through different classes, assignments, announcements, etc. The people pushing this style into educational apps clearly want the same effect that mindlessly scrolling through TikTok has, but in a more educational environment. And in a certain aspect, it could potentially work, because who have you talked to that has been able to escape the rabbit hole of mindlessly scrolling through TikTok for hours and hours?

The only feasible way to escape the endless TikTok rabbit hole is to either 1) keep scrolling through until your phone runs out of charge, 2) have a parent or friend call you to snap you out of the trance or 3) keep going until you realize how much time you have wasted. After making this realization, you soon understand how much of a failure your life has become, mindlessly scrolling for what? There is no award for scrolling, no college, no job and no life.

Anyways! The TikTok-ification has attracted major parties to the matter of addiction to TikTok, with the Biden administration having pushed a ban on TikTok, echoing the Trump administration’s attempt at the same matter. Both eventually flopped, only walking away with a ban of TikTok on official government devices.

Teachers are also starting to become more concerned with the switch to the swiping format. Mr. Wise from SISD (Sewer Independent School District) said, “This swiping format is for the younger generation to enjoy, what about us old people? How will we enjoy our time teaching if nothing appeals to us?”

Besides TikTok’s takeover and urge to be banned in the US, at least big companies were able to take the viral style TikTok and use the style to benefit themselves, creating a better bond between the creator and the audience via short form content.


This story is satire.