Column: High school sweethearts- here’s how to make your relationship last longer than 4 months


Only about 2% of high school sweethearts last. Here at Carnegie…. that sounds about right. It seems like every kid at Carnegie is practically dating each other. But sorry to break the news- not everyone can go to A&M together. In my experience, I’ve been dumped, ghosted, and cheated on so I’m also not much of an optimist on high school relationships.


Maybe high schoolers lost their communication skills due to the new development of only texting, snapping, and dm-ing.

Senior Thomas Dowe slowly walked through a maze of desks to sit with his group of friends for lunch. Instead of sitting next to the girl, he’s “dating,” he sat in front of her- rookie mistake. He took his jacket off in a mad way and when he got up to use the restroom, the worst thing possible happened. He shut his computer with irritation. Obviously, these were clear signs to Kaitlyn Garza that he wanted to end their so-called relationship that he barely had in the first place.

“He was mad at the world and he did not talk to anyone at school. And so I thought he was mad at me,” said Garza

Is this a blue kiss mark on Dowe’s cheek or blue face paint smudged on his cheek? Comment below. Photo Courtesy of Julian Namerow.

So when later that day Garza’s Ex-boyfriend asked her to be his partner in the upcoming Spike-ball Tournament, the only reasonable response for her was yes. Since she thought her current relationship was flaking on her.

Okay, Okay, by the end of the week they just needed to talk to each other, and Seniors Dowe and Garza were partners in the tournament who placed dead last.

Though in the same week Dowe was caught with blue lipstick kiss marks on his cheek when he snapped Garza at the Lamar/Bellaire football game. Mind you Dowe was on the Lamar side and Garza was on the Bellaire side. Rivals.

“The story actually was that I put on face paint and it looked like blue lipstick. There’s like nothing more to this,” said Dowe.

Date during the quarantine when there’s no distractions:

Maybe let’s lighten the mood with a relationship that’s lasted two years on March 12, 2022, and survived a pandemic. Let’s give it up for… Seniors Sebastian Padron and Gabby Trout, whose relationship started very romantically right in our school library. They didn’t have class so Padron invited her to meet in an aisle in the library.

“You walked a little into my aisle and then turn around, I saw you come in, and I said: ‘Hey,’” said Padron.

“I just decided I was too nervous. And I didn’t go to the library with him. And then the next day, school shut down, so he’s always made remember that,” said Trout

Ruined first date, pandemic, a first kiss scaled a 3 (on a scale of 1-10) brought them to hour-long goodnight facetime calls and honestly the best relationship -in my opinion- at Carnegie.

“Usually I have to talk for him to get tired. So he falls asleep and then I’m wide awake because I just had to tell him a story for him to fall asleep,” said Trout

Gabi Trout and Sebastian Padron! Photo Courtesy of Trout.

If you do break up….. 

When pursuing a girl, my best advice would be to not walk through the hallways with two other girls under your arms. Where everyone can see you. Or at least don’t look like your enjoying it. I can’t say this was the cause of Freshmen Alan Ta and his ex-girlfriend’s  breakup from their 4-month long relationship. Though there was already some trouble in paradise; according to Ta, he broke it off in a very sweet and understanding way.

Honestly, the best advice we got was from Senior Anonymous who also just got out of a relationship. He said that you can’t go find closure, you just close it. End it. There’s nothing to find or get. So just end the drama. Or I guess do whatever your heart desires.

Just don’t find yourself on the wrong end of the weekly AP Lit vocabulary sentences. Someone once, so generously conveyed their love for me by writing all 20 of their vocab sentences about how I shouldn’t run for snow-coming queen. Hopefully, you can make it through high school without needing to be read a bedtime story to sleep. I would also recommend to not bash your ex’s on social media but to each their own.

There obviously are many more relationships at Carnegie. The Sophomore class has the most relationships. Maybe from the excitement of finally seeing each other in person. The list starts with Jefferey Bui and Taylor Hok who wouldn’t be interviewed and got too nervous to stand next to each other anymore.

Now if there’s a pile of relationships, there also have to be piles of breakups. So if your breakup went really bad just call up your local shelter and they’ll write your ex’s name on the bottom of litter boxes. Literally, your ex will get shit on.

My advice is simple… don’t get attached. xoxo.