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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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A Golden Globe award shines in the spotlight in front of the public

The Golden Globes and its fight for a comeback

By Adrianna Guadalupe and Anjali Martinez January 27, 2023

On Jan. 10, stars from all over the globe sauntered down the red carpet, showing off their looks in front of the hundreds of flashing lights and cameras. Many of these stars hoped to add an award to their...

Diego Mendez plays his guitar in music theory class during the weekly jam sessions.

Carnegie students jam in school’s first music class

By Rinn Wilson, Staff Writer September 23, 2022

This year at CVHS is the first where students can attend the new extracurricular class Music Theory, a class that focuses on students’ relationship to music of all genres.   Students last year were...

These states have passed laws that target transgender students, while other states have proposed such laws.

Transgender rights under attack across the country- here’s what Carnegie students have to say

By Brooke J Ferrell, Entertainment Editor May 27, 2022

On May 13, the Texas Supreme Court cleared the way for families who allow gender-affirming care for their transgender children to be investigated for child abuse. This decision backed Texas Governor Greg...

Debt Collectors demand the cancellation of all student debt and access to a tuition free college.

The student debt crisis impacts college choices

By Judith Carrizales and Rugveda Patil April 20, 2022

Biden’s administration announced a series of new student loan relief plans to cancel a minimum of $10,000 of student debt per person. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a pause in student debt...

Vampires denounce the new Daylight Savings bill

Vampires denounce the new Daylight Savings bill

By Isabel Hoffman and Zainab Zaman March 31, 2022

On Sunday, March 13th, 2022, the world clock jumped forward an hour, prompting "spring forward" worldwide. At this time, each and every person lost an hour of sleep in order to account for the sun's longer...

Starting next school year, CVHS athletics will compete in Division 5A.

CVHS athletics switches from UIL Division 6A to 5A

By Alex Samano, Staff Writer February 22, 2022

On February 10, it was announced that CVHS athletic teams are now switching from 6A to 5A UIL divisions for the 2022-2023 school year. Carnegie switched UIL divisions from 5A to 6A over eight years ago...

Gov. Abbotts proposed Parents Rights Bill would allow parents to decide if their children had to repeat failed courses and place teachers on a do not hire list if they provided materials deemed explicit by the state. 

Abbott’s proposed ‘Parental Bill of Rights’ causes controversy at CVHS

By Ava Lim and Nicki Anahita February 22, 2022

If voters reelect current Governor Greg Abbott in November, he plans to enact a "Parental Bill of Rights," which would give parents greater control over student education. The bill would allow parents...

Student Suzane Nazir prepares for the SAT using The Manual for SAT.

Going Online- College Board’s new decision on the SAT

By Rugveda Patil, Staff Writer February 18, 2022

On January 25, 2022, CollegeBoard (CB) announced its decision to change the SAT to digital.  The SAT is a standardized test taken by "over two million" per year. It is used to academically judge...

Six CVHS students will enter Rice University next school year.

From Rhinos to Owls- the six accepted Rice students

By Isabel Hoffman, Staff Writer February 2, 2022

Six students at Carnegie Vanguard High School were accepted into Rice University for the class of 2026, a high number for Houston students at one high school.  Anisha Gidh, Kaan Yilmaz, Claire Morton,...

Prop guns used in Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play.

The “Rust” Incident: Lessons for Carnegie Theatre

By Brooke J Ferrell, Entertainment Editor November 8, 2021

“There are fourteen guns on this stage,” I announced. “Twelve cap guns and two rubber guns. None of them should ever be with anyone except the actor they are assigned to, or me or Nicki.” My...

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