The First Voice- CVHS Sophomore Jason Torres Releases First Single with His Band Ørion

Ørion is a local high school alternative rock band based here in Houston, Texas. Formed in 2016 by Cristian Gonzalez (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Gavin Gonzalez (drums), and CVHS sophomore Jason Torres (lead guitar/backing vocals) and Victor Perez (bass), they’ve made a name for themselves by garnering a large, young fanbase and headlining at notable venues like White Oak Music Hall. After being a group for almost four years, the band has finally released their first single, “Voices”.

 “Voices” is about confusion and being uncertain about what the future holds. The song starts off with a four-count on the hi-hat, followed by an explosion of sound and a catchy riff played on the guitar. Right off the bat, the band lets you know what they’re all about with booming, interesting instrumentation (notably the odd beats on the drums) and fun, ear-worm like melodies (the lead guitar line on this song is sure to get stuck in your head shortly after you listen). After an exciting instrumental intro, the song goes into a verse that, although there is less going on music-wise, it never slows down and keeps up the feeling of excitement. After a verse with lyrics about being misunderstood and motivated, the chorus comes in with the same booming instruments present in the intro. One other thing that sticks out in this song is the vocals. Although the melody is very fun and bright, the actual lyrical content gets serious in some sections (“I just hear the voices, hear them screaming in my head, if it wasn’t for the voices I’d be on the floor dead” is sung during the chorus). This only goes to show how the band has found a balance of fun and seriousness to incorporate into their music (and it’s only the first single!). After a repeat of the verse and chorus, the band mixes up the formula with a fun interlude that yet again proves that they know how to write catchy passages, and after a down chorus (that ends with a great drum fill) and an alternated chorus, the song ends just as powerful and booming as it began.  

This song is the first of many for Ørion, and this gives an exciting look into what sound the band wants to capture. I later talked to CVHS sophomore Jason Torres, the lead guitarist of the band, about what future he wants for the band, and his personal goals.

“I started off hoping I could at least make a living off of [Ørion],” Torres admits, “but now I mainly care about having a fanbase that enjoys what we do, and I hope that our music can connect with people.”

The band has teased that “big news is coming soon” (hopefully a full-length album?) and when I asked Jason about it, he let out a small laugh and hinted that he is “very excited for people to hear what’s to come”.

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