Students react to Astros’ loss with shock and grief

The Houston Astros throughout the whole season have only had one thing on their minds- Take it Back. But after taking a 3-2 lead after Game 5, the Astros suffered a devastating loss- devastating for its superfans on the CVHS campus.

“My immediate reaction after the Astros lost the World Series was to cry. I was so upset that they had lost I had gotten so emotional. How did their loss affect you? Their loss didn’t affect me physically but it did emotionally. I was proud that they made it that far but I was disappointed when they lost because they had gone all the way to the World Series just to lose” said sophomore Katya Flores. 

Students attribute the sense of loss to the heightened expectations fans had leading up to Game 7. Many, were already preparing to take the Friday off and join the victory parade.

“I honestly was very positive that the Astros weren’t going to have much of a competition in winning game seven. I was shocked I really couldn’t believe we lost to the Washington Nationals, I know they are a good team but they were a wildcard team coming into the playoffs” said sophomore William Marlin.

CVHS students were only a few affected by the Astros’ defeat, which was felt city-wide. 

“When the Astros lost, it affected the whole city. We had so much team spirit and we root for them all the way. When they lost, it was a sad day for everyone” said sophomore Ashley Cabrera.

“The Houston Astros World Series loss affects everybody in Houston. Houston is one of the biggest sports cities and loves its baseball” said Marlin.

Coming into the postseason the Houston Astros were coming off a record-breaking regular season that featured 107 wins and 75 losses one of the best we’ve ever witnessed. At the time the Astros were favorites to win it all with even local businessman James McIngvale better known as Mattress Mack placing a ridiculous bet on the Astros winning the world series. Everyone in Houston was ready to relive 2017 and bring great joy to the city of Houston.

Right out the gate, they were tested. Their ALDS (American League Division Series) opponent the Tampa Bay Rays were a tough team and we’re on a roll after their wild-card win against the Oakland Athletics. The Rays’ moment of glory after their win didn’t last very long, the Astros beat them in game 5 of the ALDS and continued into a new series which was the ALCS (American League Championship Series). 

The Houston Astros headed into their next series against the New York Yankees in the ALCS with their heads held high and ready to play ball. They lost the first game but quickly came back with three straight wins which had the series at 3-1. The Yankees were defeated by the Astros in game 6 of the ALCS with the second baseman on the Houston Astros, José Altuve, named as the MVP of the ALCS.

The Houston Astros were now heading to the 2019 World Series to play against Washington Nationals who had previously won their series against the St. Louis Cardinals with a blowout of a series score of 4-0. 

Games 1 and 2 of the World Series weren’t looking too good for the Astros considering that they lost to the Nationals 5-4 for game 1 and then 12-3 for game 2 while having home-field advantage. However, the Houston Astros quickly had a comeback with three wins all at Nationals Park making the Series 3-2. Fans were sure of their win when they headed home, but the next home game for the Astros tied up the series 3-3 with the Nationals winning 7-2 at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Game 7 of the World Series was devastating for the city of Houston, especially after the Astros had shut down the Nationals up to the sixth inning, only for the Nationals to score all 6 runs in the last three innings