Bad Boys Turned Good?: “Bad Boys for Life” Movie Review

In this cult classic franchise, comes another film, “Bad Boys For Life.” As expected, the film is enhanced with many stunts, nail-biting scenes, action, and of course, their twist of comedy while maintaining the seriousness of the plot.

Very few film series come close to being as good as the Bad Boys movies, which have remained consistent blockbusters with great anticipation and even better delivery each time.

With it being some time since the last released film in the franchise, the die-hards  of the movie series seemed to question the hype around the film; however, the buildup was not a waste for waiting as it was deemed worth it by many outlets.

 “Bad Boys for Life” follows the first two films where Mike and Marcus, played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the two main characters, grown further into adulthood but try to continue their old habits with more caution than they had from before. 

Entering into the new world of “Bad Boys for Life,” the movie starts with captivating scenes that are similar to the original films, such as Mike and Marcus driving recklessly, which is explained later in the film. 

Since the race technically never finished, Mike continues to work as a detective/cop and finds himself in a few tough situations throughout the movie. These action-packed scenes show once again the true art in action movies like this, making the audience feel nervous and exciting with all that is going on.

Marcus, the seemingly more mature one in this film, states that it might be time for them to quit their classic “bad boy” behavior and finally become “good men.” 

With their whole mantra being “bad boys,” it leaves many to question what is packed in this movie in the franchise that changes the whole game.The original movies had the two actors play roles as immature and reckless, but now that they are older, their maturity and mindset is completely different. Is there an epiphany packed into the film? If so, what causes the epiphany? 

The film is unlike any other in the series. The directors Bilall Fallah, and Adil El Arbi changed the whole mantra. Was it for better or for worse? They took a creative risk with changing the game and for what the characters stand for while leaving the building blocks of fighting for justice. 

Of course, living up to its monumental expectations, it has been a good whopping 25 years since the first film of the series hit the big screen, and it is still enthralling a large number of viewers. These self-proclaimed bad boys, manage to transcend the plot throughout each film of the franchise and also manage to bring more to the table after each one.

Commencing escapades, this feel-good action-packed comedy film has everything you have hope for to see and fulfills every expectation the franchise is lived up to be. With the introduction of timid characters, Marcus and mike’s friendship is put to the test. It is deemed to be as fun and fresh as it was when the first Bad Boys premiered. Overall, it’s 5 out of 5 stars from me.