Dark Lane Demo Tapes: Even darker than it appears

Drake has been one of the most sonically predictable pop star of the most recent decade and furthermore a work in progress. From collection to collection, year to year, he draws from a standard palette of ill-humored R&B and puffed-chest rap, sincerely charged hip-jump and solid soul. He continues to incorporate every window of music new and upcoming. He takes a risk with experimentation and it is lived up to the hype.

Which is the reason “Dark Lane Demo Tapes,” Drake’s newly released demo, a successful collection length of miscellaneous yet, a collection might be more important as information than as tunes? As music, it’s a bit anxious to experiment, but, on the other hand, it’s most likely to live up to one of his best possible complete collection Drake will release

“Dark Lane” shows Drake melodies at different formative focuses — undeniable trials in a view of experimental styles such as R&B rap incorporated with Houston rap, dancehall, and soul. It all feels so raw, yet so right and it seems to work for him. Drake seems to not be afraid of the risk and is working his way around the uncharted territory and making it his own.

In his other what seems to be an experimental song, “War”, he put a lot of work into it and every crease and crevice was given thought. It is a drill tune for the U.K. and it covers slang that Drake prepared for. “Woi-oi Ayy,” is repeated a lot throughout the song which is prevalent in UK drill music. Then following is “Demons” compared to a Brooklyn Drill and has a lot more street terms. “Skrrt ’round there in your ends, whole southside on ten,” ten is short for ten toes and ends is Jamaican slang for the neighborhood. This album was nurtured as if it were his own child and covers from being wronged to wronging someone. The demo is covered in his sweat, blood and tears.

These self-distancing times have proved Drake to be an ideal lyricist progressing with his melodies ring lamentable. Drake’s happiness is overthrown by his own internal demons supplanted with the gloomy understanding of barren lonesome.