Food Review: Your Pie Pizza


Photo by Judith Carrizales

Your Pizza Pie storefront on Main Street

As a kid, My family would always throw me birthday parties and invite all my school “friends” and their families. One party I remember is when I was 6 or 7 and my parents bought around 10 or more boxes of Domino’s Pizza and all of us were lined up with our plates waiting for a slice of pizza. Now that I am a bit older and a bit more adventurous, I wanted to try new pizza types like vegan, vegetarian, or even gluten free.

After searching the internet for a pizza shop that had something unique that you couldn’t find in the grocery store and it also had to be located around downtown, I found Your Pie pizza.

Your Pie pizza was founded in April of 2008 and opened its first store in Athens, Georgia. It has a 4.5 star rating according to Yelp with 267 reviews. They cook their pizza in a wood fire oven. Pizza’s are custom made to the customers preference and they use fresh ingredients.

When I first stepped into the store it was breathtaking. I could hear the soft crackling coming from the wood-fire oven as it burned the wood. I could smell the cheese and meat melting and hear the fire crisping the edges of the pizza. The shop had a mural covering the side of a wall, and It had a beautiful drawing of the metro in the middle of downtown. They had their fresh ingredients sorted into sections ranging from veggies, meats, vegan meats, sauce, and cheese all covered by a glass.

I decided to order a pizza that was a pepperoni pizza for 10 dollars. The first look at the pizza was impressive; it had burnt crispy edges, the pepperonis were dripping oil while still having a crisp outside. When I flipped the pizza it had spotting of both brown and black colors indicating the pizza was cooked in a fire oven.

Then I took my first bite of the pizza. The crust was crispy but still had enough dough that I could taste the bland crust that didn’t overpower the toppings. One thing I enjoyed was the sauce because it wasn’t too overwhelming or loaded but just enough so that I could taste the tomatoes and oregano coming from the marinara sauce. I was worried that the oil coming from the pepperonis would make the dough soggy or make the pizza taste like oil but to my surprise it wasn’t overpowering. The pepperonis had a crisp outer layer that made a crunch when I bit the pizza. The cheese was melted in the center and crispy from the outside which made the crust crunchy.

After trying the pizza and judging it, I rated the pizza a 4.5 star because the pizza itself was amazing and it hit my expectations out of the park. The place itself was beautiful and it was designed nicely. The best part was that I waited 5-6 minutes to get my pizza. The only downside was that parking was hard to find because the location of the pizza is in a complicated part and when you did find parking the machine wouldn’t work. For that reason, I would give them a 4.5 star rating.

Your Pie information:


Address: 1625 Main St. Houston, TX 77002 

Phone Number: 832-767-2544

They offer carryout and delivery.