Get those volunteer hours while exploring your interests

Wondering how to get volunteer hours? We can help! Here is a list of some volunteer opportunities across Houston! Some extremely helpful sites are, and, for those with specific interests or want to work in a certain kind of group. You can use the search bar and check things you want to do or what you want to work with. If you click on the link provided, you will see a basic summary with the requirements and needs, alongside the website and/or form links for that opportunity. For many of these, an orientation spanning 2+ hours will be required, so be prepared to set time aside in-between clubs and academics and/or the weekend! A lot of the partnerships working with clean-up and building require a parent/adult to chaperone – make sure to give your parents a heads-up if you plan on bringing them along before you go or set a date. 



Want to make a difference by helping our furry friends in the community? Here are some opportunities to work with animals, especially if you are a teenager! 

Hands-on work with animals. Orientation and fee are required.

Also hands-on. Orientation required. An adult is required for ages 13-15 years. No handling of adult dogs allowed if you are under 18.

Hands-on. Orientation is required. 14 and 15-year-olds must have an adult with them. 16-18 do not need parental supervision, but they must sign a form of release.

Hands-on. Minors are not allowed in the dog area. No training needed.



Think our planet needs to stay green? Not afraid to get down and dirty? Here are chances to change our environment for the better!

No orientation needed. Training will be provided.

Interview and orientation required. Must be 16 or older. Youth group volunteers must be 14 or older.

Hands-on work with the land. 5 camping weekends during the school year – and intense projects included. Must be 15-19 years of age and enrolled in high school.

Minors are required to go with an adult (21 years or older). Instructions will be provided. 



Want to help, but enjoy working with people more? Want to get to know your community better? Find an option that suits you here! 


Food pantry and emergency food distribution. Greatest need for volunteers are on weekdays. Must have a parent the first time volunteering.

Help people bounce back from a crisis and support their families. Assist customers, sort and price donations, and help in other ways at their resale store

Transitional facility for women coming out of incarceration. Variety of projects, and flexible volunteer hours. 14 year-olds must volunteer with an adult, 16 and up unsupervised.

Work to serve the emotional and educational needs of disadvantaged children and young adults – and families in crisis. The minimum age is 14, and you must be enrolled in high school. Annual membership dues are $45. 


These are just a small sample of what is available across Houston. The links I provided for the sites like are able to find over a hundred volunteer options based on your interests. Find what you love, and put it to good use by helping others with it. As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” Happy volunteering!