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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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Op-Ed: Are influencer podcasts worth tuning into?

By Nina Pinglay and Charlie Smith March 5, 2024

In the 2020s, podcasts have taken the world by storm. People of all ages play their favorite episodes in the background of their work, chores, and study sessions. In an era where 24 hours is simply not...

The season 2 poster of HBO show The Gilded Age, which aired its first episode on October 29.

Review: The Gilded Age’s season two serves glittery American aristocracy with dashes of social commentary — and that’s enough

By Sasha Cabral, Editor-in-Chief January 22, 2024

Monopolies. Wealth. The Rockefellers. Growing prosperity and urbanization is the defining characteristic of the Gilded Age. But what about the other not-so-shiny side of that gilded coin? HBO’s "The...

Cover of The Boy and the Heron (Studio Ghibli)

The Boy and the Heron review: a breathtaking story of love, loss, and a feathered friend

By Kaylee Yang, Staff Writer January 22, 2024

SPOILER WARNING: This review contains spoilers for “The Boy and the Heron” !! “A gray heron once told me that all gray herons are liars. So, is that the truth or a lie?” After a pivotal four...

A photo capturing actor Pedro Pascal in character as the Protective Mom in SNLs Protective Mom 2 skit.

SNL’s Protective Mom 2 review: A laugh-inducing examination of stereotypes, race, and culture

By Sasha Cabral, Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2023

The clip of Pedro Pascal, the new dystopian hero turned heartthrob who captivated audiences as Joel in HBO’s “The Last of Us,” had already appeared on my Instagram feed several times just out of...

A photo of actress Ariana DeBose performing at the 74th British Academy Film Awards.

Ariana DeBose’s BAFTAs Rap Review: Contrary to media uproar, it was not the worst awards show moment ever

By Sasha Cabral, Editor-in-Chief March 10, 2023

Feb. 19 marked the broadcast of the 76th British Academy Film Awards, more popularly referred to as the BAFTAs. The coveted award is often said to hold the same weight as an American Oscar. Although notable...

A Golden Globe award shines in the spotlight in front of the public

The Golden Globes and its fight for a comeback

By Adrianna Guadalupe and Anjali Martinez January 27, 2023

On Jan. 10, stars from all over the globe sauntered down the red carpet, showing off their looks in front of the hundreds of flashing lights and cameras. Many of these stars hoped to add an award to their...

Avatar: The Way of Water focuses largely on the strength of family bonds. Here, Jake Sully is teaching his older son, Neteyam, how to use a bow and arrow. (20th Century Studios)

“Avatar: The Way of Water” review: A wholesome story despite its flaws

By Manizeh Rahman, Contributing Writer January 27, 2023

WARNING: This review contains spoilers for "Avatar" and "Avatar: The Way of Water." When my dad asked me to point out the obvious indigenous stereotypes I noticed in the 2009 film "Avatar," I gave him...

Rosaline: Retelling of Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. Hulus Rosaline show the embodiment of Gen-Z.

“Rosaline”: Hulu’s guide to turning an independent woman to a damsel in distress

By Judith Carrizales, News Editor November 14, 2022

This review will contain spoilers for “Rosaline.” During my freshman year at CVHS, I remember reading Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet” and absolutely hating it. Nothing anyone ever told me made...

MAVIs torn between fame and family in his new album, “Laughing So Hard, It Hurts”

MAVI’s torn between fame and family in his new album, “Laughing So Hard, It Hurts”

By Audrey Piczak, Opinions Editor November 14, 2022

MAVI’s new album, Laughing So Hard, It Hurts, perfectly encapsulates its title, blending a mixture of lively beats and subtle yet gut-wrenching messages throughout the record’s 16 tracks. A full-time...

Harbors wall does the same job as Vipers. However, Vipers wall decays the enemy making them extremely low, preventing players from peeking out, whereas Harbors wall only slows the enemy.

Mad because bad?: Valorant video game review

By John Nguyen, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

You want to play, let's play. You’re on the battlefield, 5 v 5, when suddenly smoke, walls, flashes and mollies clutter your entry to the site. Unsure what to do, you communicate with your team to rotate...

The movie poster for the Disney+ streaming release of Hocus Pocus 2.

“Hocus Pocus 2” lacks the magic of the original

By Sasha Cabral, Editor-in-Chief November 14, 2022

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for both “Hocus Pocus” and “Hocus Pocus 2.”  The witches are back, but they are not here to stay, we think. (More on that later.) Regardless,...

Common Bond logo.

Common Bond’s Sweet Lies

By Ava Manchac, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

I’m not a morning person. I relish my sleep more than anything. Never would you find me up early on the weekends, but on moonlit Sunday mornings at age eight, my eyes would be wide open, my ears tuned...

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