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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

Upstream News

Student becomes too stressed with homework on the first week back from spring break.

Too much work? Stressed? Just cope.

By Judith Carrizales and Sumedha Mohanty April 1, 2023

On the first week upon returning from spring break, CVHS students have said that their teachers have assigned enough work to fill up a 30 feet deep landfill. As if the countless piles of assignments weren't...

SAT near? Never fear, Broseph Testpassers is here!

SAT near? Never fear, Broseph Testpassers is here!

By Brooke Bushong and Joseph Mutagaya April 1, 2023

Losing hair, sleep and sanity over the good ol’ Standard Aptitude Test? You may (or may not) be entitled to advice from Broseph (pronounced Bro-sef) Testpassers Incorporated. Anyways, like most students...

Joseph Mutagaya first photo, for a passport (Republic of Uganda)

Personal Column: Lugambo and the art of shutting up

By Joseph Mutagaya, Sports Editor February 20, 2023

I’ve always had a big mouth. Scrawled tactically under glowing recommendations and smiley face stickers would be a small, tacit note: “Joseph is VERY… social.” Translation: teach your kid to shut...

Fireworks with friends on New Years Eve
Source: qmelie Via Pinterest

Personal Column: New year, same me

By Audrey Piczak, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

I’m not sure how the calendar was made. I remember learning about the Egyptians in my sixth-grade world history class. In 1500 B.C., they measured time with sundials. Their years were not marked by gridded...

Throughout this story, I learn the importance of being alone.

Personal Column: Alone isn’t lonely

By Audrey Piczak, Staff Writer December 13, 2022

Just go away! I stifle my sniffling as I hear two soft knocks on my bedroom door. I knew those knocks, they belonged to my dad, who had just ruthlessly relegated me to time out in my room for fighting...

Artistic depictions of my personal struggles with understanding and empathizing with emotions.

Personal Column: The right way to empathy

By Rinn Wilson, Staff Writer December 13, 2022

There’s a kid crying, screaming really, on the ground and everything goes still. “It hurts! It’s broken, I’m going to die!” He wails, his friends rush over and start to ask what’s wrong,...

An assortment of tarot cards and crystals on a desk with various other spiritual accessories.

Op-Ed: Manifesting optimism through spirituality

By Cindy Cui, Staff writer December 13, 2022

I am nearly certain that every passing grade I have ever gotten in AP Physics is caused by my cherished piece of Citrine I keep in my pocket every test day. But of course, this probably isn’t true and...

A psychologist listening to a tired brain lying on the couch.

Personal Column: Breathe

By Naadiya Walji, Staff Writer December 13, 2022

I had my first therapy session at the beginning of 8th grade. I vividly remember walking into a house-like office, with my parents trailing behind. I sat down on a plump sofa, bouncing my legs and waiting...

Post-Calculus teacher Stephanie Chen poses with her Astros teacher award which she was nominated for by her students.

Stephanie Chen– plexar puzzler, color guard coordinator, cross-stitching sage and math master

By Sumedha Mohanty and Chiamaka Uwalaka October 20, 2022

There she was, a college student, sitting in her car after a night of drinking with some friends. One of them finds a calculus textbook in her car. Next thing you know, Stephanie Chen and her friend are...

Ms. Sanchez holds up her corgi mousepad, one of many corgi-themed things in her office.

An Insight to Carnegie’s Favorite Wraparound Specialist- Karla Sanchez

By Ava Manchac and Cherry Vo October 20, 2022

There’s something familiar about her dimly lit office. Located on the second floor, it’s a beacon of joy for students. To the right, as you walk in, is a countertop packed with school supplies,...

Putting a smile on to deceive the public is apart of having imposter syndrome. photo courtesy of Somerville - University of Oxford student story, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Personal Column: Carnegie Imposter

By Roxell Bonilla, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

Imposter Syndrome occurs when one feels they do not belong in the environment they are in. A person who pretends to be someone else to deceive others. A person who, in order to fit in, changes everything...

A visual representation of how mental health is glamorized in the media

Op-Ed: From stigmatized to glamorized: mental illness in the media

By Sasha Cabral, Entertainment Editor December 8, 2021

Warning: The following article covers subjects of mental illness, suicide, and self-harm.  There was an uproar. Parents were worried for children, and psychiatrists were concerned for viewers possibly...

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