Carnegie’s Annual Halloween Pep Rally Dances- A Hit or Miss?

Photo by Lexy Silva

You walk into the gym the first thing you see is the entrance to Dracula’s house, you sit on the floor and are thrusted into the world of Halloween. Every corner of the eye is a different costume. Music of the season playing so loud you couldn’t even hear yourself think.

It all starts off with an introduction and then the intricate dance that the cheerleaders performed along to one of Bad Bunny’s song called Pasame la Hooka, choreographed by Gabby Rodriguez filled with plenty of stunts that made your adrenaline rush even more. The cheerleaders had a dance number to “Hot Girl Summer” By Megan Thee Stallion choreographed by Alice Fortson.

 Next thing you know Carnegie’s dance class puts you in a world of skeletons, clowns, and haunted dolls, with their creepy dances and music such as “Bad Guy” by Billie Elish where the skeletons danced as if they truly were made out of bones with popping motions. After the skeletons came the haunted or destroyed dolls who were danced to “Hot” by Young Thug and ending the choreography with the creepy clowns joining in and dancing with them. For the finishing touch, they threw you way back into early 2010 with the song “Monster” by Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver . While this was playing all the students in the Carnegie dance class danced together to tie it all up and end the performance. Not only did the dance class move to this song most of the audience knew the song by heart and sang along. 

The Carnegie pep rally was a journey that made you feel as if you weren’t even in the school. Hosts sophomore Ashton Brown and senior Gierra Cottingham were able to keep the crowd entertained, with Brown spitting bars on Pranav Kumar’s beat. Everyone was shocked that Kumar could beatbox so well and had such great rhythm. After Brown’s rap about school, they had a chubby bunny challenge. 

The music between the transitions of each event was nice to the ear. I could always feel the bass in my chest. The words were easy to remember and stuck to my brain. The DJ played really popular songs which I knew off the top of my head. For example, “Ransom” was played by Lil Tecca. He is a very famous upcoming rapper and he is very popular among the young audience. The dances and stunts had my heart racing. 

When a cheerleader threw one of his team members in the air and then caught her, I felt a rush of anxiety wash over me. The dance class included interesting formations and made sure to include popular moves that come from Tik Tok. The hosts for the pep rally made sure to interact among each grade level.

Overall I give the pep rally a thumbs up.