Dance and Cheerleading Team Rev Up the Crowd in Mardi Gras Pep Rally


Ema Wilson

Talia Mogh, Jada Thomas, Kamylle Gill preforming to “Real it in” by Anime.

Students cheer as Mardi-Gras beads are thrown to them at the end of a long field trip to the zoo; gold, green and purple flashing with black accents all around the cafeteria which has been transformed into a place full of Mardi- Gras spirit.

Tuesday, February 25, CVHS hosted its second pep-rally during the Winter Semester. Directed by Coach Miyuki Scott and her second period Spirit Class, the pep-rally was a smashing success even after a long day full of fun at the annual Houston Zoo!  

The Pep-rally started off strong with a performance by the cheer team, sponsored by Brode dancing and performing aerial stunts to the song “Reel it in” by Amine  , followed by “HOT” by Young Thug ft. Gunna , and finally the song “Sanguine Paradise” by Lil Uzi Vert. Each routine better than the last, showing the school true Carnegie Spirit!

Following the cheer team, the Boy’s Basketball team was announced. Bursting through the seems, the Basketball team lead by their captains Noah Needle and Rex Zhou made their way up introducing themselves to the crowd.

As the Basketball team exited, the dance team, directed by Miriam Yamlumper quickly spiced up the pep-rally with their stunning, smooth performances to the songs “I want to Be Your Lady Baby” by Inoj, “Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD and “Trip” by Ella Mai.

Next came the King Cake Eating contest with the seniors and juniors going up against the sophomores and freshman. The rules were simple, whichever team that could eat the whole King Cake first would win! Although both groups were neck and neck, the senior and junior team won as they stuffed the very last piece, stealing the in.

After the contest, the Boys soccer team was announced, being led by their captain David Martinez showing their team spirit! 

The next performance was the UIL Dance team, which is sponsored by biology teacher Amalia Masiglat, that swept the crowd off their feet as they performed amazingly to the songs “Bad and Boujee” by Migos, “Unbothered” by ski mask , “Digits” by Young Thug and “Camelot” by NLE chop.

(Photo by Ema Wilson)

 Next there was another competition but it included teachers instead of students. With a girls versus boys the teams were simple to divide. Ms. Ford, Ms. Brode, Ms. Schmidt, and Ms. Harris on one side with Mr.Garcia , Mr. Kulkarni, Mr. Wendt, and Mr. Houghton on the other. Each member from the team had the chance to gain a point from questions asked of them. The first point had been won by girls by Harris, then the boys one twice after that with Kulkarni and Wendt, and the final point was gained by Ford causing a draw between the groups. As a tiebreaker, they played a cup stacking game and as the the teachers were neck and neck, Houghton, who represented the boy’s team, failed to stack the cups, Ford quickly came in for the steal and won for the girls.

(Photo by Ema Wilson)

Next the girl soccer team bursts in and with their captains Isamary Fajardo Abrego and Adjoa Asare leading the team with as much spirit as the boys team before them.

Following that, the Black Student Union, aka the BSU, run by Samantha Shields preformed to the songs “Knuck if Buck” by Crime Mob, “Gimme my Gots” by Shaardysa, and “I Bet U Won’t” by Mouse and Level.

(Photo by Ema Wilson)

Finally, at the end principle Ramon Moss finished the pep-rally off with a speech announcing the winnings in Debate, Robotics and Dance. The Debate team had won first and second place in the UIL. Robotics won the robotics championship as state finalists, state semi-finalists, and world championships. The UIL Dance team won in its first ever appearance at HISD MA competition winning first place in hip hop, second place in jazz and Sweet State prize.