HISD announces, “no more school closures, ever”


Yayyy, is time for school guys!!

“AMAZING! Fellow students, starting today, HISD has come up with the brilliant idea that there will no longer be school closures during inclement weather. Many HISD representatives have seen that school closures aren’t necessary, which means that students who miss school due to bad weather will have to make-up their school day on a Saturday night @9:00 PM at the Houston Solid Waste Management Facility.


HISD 2021 - 2023 Plan
HISD has decided that school closures will be avoided no matter what the weather looks like.

“Yep, what y’all read is 100% real. I found out about this brilliant post that made me fall in love with this new plan. The very first thing I did in the morning was go to the official HISD Instagram page, like all their posts and then later on scroll to a post that had their comments on and say, ‘Thank You for taking care of us bebe!! >u<‘,” junior Asheligh Beberra said. 

When I was going to school, I saw people fishing, canoeing, and jet skiing; meanwhile, I tore down my neighbor’s door and used it as a raft to go to school. Unfortunately, some alligators flipped the door over, and I got wet. Students who were trying to get through the high waters were at the point of drowning until I saved the day. I gave students baby floaties so they would not drown in the three-feet water… keep in mind these students were at least 5 feet tall.  

An hour later, HISD announced that these absences would not be excused. What a load of cra-! I was still soaking wet after my arrival to school. This was where I came up with the brilliant idea and called HISD to combat this issue. What I got was a voicemail and the message: “Sorry, all HISD offices are currently closed due to weather issues. Please call back and check again.” I was extremely confused. 

I went to all my class periods, and the majority of my classmates were soaking wet, so I sat on the wet puddles they left in their seats. Many of them don’t have access to boats, therefore they had to swim here. I’m surprised they made it on time. Sometimes I wonder if school can be as normal as it used to be. When kids cried themselves to sleep.