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Side Note: PSAT surrounded by Meme Culture

Side Note: PSAT surrounded by Meme Culture

By Ashton Brown and Maria Amaya October 31, 2019

You’re in your room, lying comfortably while scrolling through twitter. You start seeing memes and they just keep coming. Meme culture has become something embedded into the teen culture to that point...

Ximena Zapata and members of BBBS with Gregory Lincoln M.S. students. (Photo: Allegra Fernandez/ Upstream).

Ximena Zapata Uses Middle School Struggles to Lead Big Brothers Big Sisters

By Allegra Fernandez and Andrew T Mai October 21, 2019

Ximena Zapata, a senior at CVHS and the president of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Club, has grown up knowing the struggles of school, whether it be in her middle school, Stevenson Middle School, or at...

WISE club members visit the Centerpoint Energy Showcase to meet female engineers

Eyes on WISE- Club Aims to Close the Gender Gap in STEM field

By Charlie Mueller and Sharon Vera October 21, 2019

For a woman, entering the field of engineering is like entering a world where you feel like you don’t fit in and feel welcomed. CVHS physics teacher and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) club sponsor...

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Trumps Public Charge Will affect an Immigrants ability to get a Visa or Green Card

For CVHS Immigrant Students, New Public Charge Policy Means Greater Hardships

By Katherine Linares and Maria Angelica Amaya October 21, 2019

Anxiety peeks, precautions are always taken, the fear of being pulled over haunts CVHS junior Rebecca every time she gets in the driver's seat. Every time she passes a stop sign, every time she runs a...

Amid Potential State Takeover of HISD, Two Students Explore Inequality at Neighborhood School

Amid Potential State Takeover of HISD, Two Students Explore Inequality at Neighborhood School

By Ema Wilson and Cameron Hart October 21, 2019

CVHS freshman Sha takes the loud, crowded bus every day from CVHS in Montrose to her stop in Gulfton, a largely low-income community of color. She quickly gets off, starting to walk to her apartment. The...

Hannah Holliday’s bowl of ramen, an example of the diversity of vegan food.

Is There Meat to the Argument for Veganism? A Vegan and Non-Vegan Decide

By Annie Nguyen and Hilary Nguyen October 21, 2019

Food. We Houstonians are known for offering a diverse culinary landscape of it that’s predominantly carnivorous. After all, we are a nook within the larger Lone Star State of bluebonnets, beer, and barbecue....

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A Show of a Show- Theater Review: The Flick

By Matthew Manders, Staff Writer October 20, 2019

Carnegie Theatre Company: The Flick by Annie Baker, a Pulitzer-prize winning play. The play closed as of September 28, 2019. 1501 Taft St, Houston, TX 77019 Teenagers in this day and age normally wouldn’t...

Whats up with the PTO lunches?

What’s up with the PTO lunches?

By Shaun Wood, Arts & Entertainment/ Opinion Editor October 20, 2019

Lines would wrap around the corner of the snack bar and into the hallway. Friends joining friends, having to shove through the crowd in an attempt to get to safer ground. Volunteers shouting above the...

CVHS Students Hope to See More From This Year’s Newly Elected Student Council

By Carys Reyes and Donovan Snell October 20, 2019

The CVHS student council elections have passed and the new representatives are president Allie Rossmiller, VP Rakesh Oberoi, Treasurer Michelle Nguyen, Secretary Miriam Yampuler, senior reps Karl Galeas...

My Family’s Views on Reparations

By Ashton Brown, Staff Writer October 20, 2019

"It's impossible to imagine America without the inheritance of slavery," saidTa-Nehisi Coates to Congress during a hearing on the importance and the need for reparations. As an African-American, I can...

Raymond Rodriguezs, the Kraken

The Artwork of Raymond Rodriguez

By Yamen El-Refaie, Staff Writer October 20, 2019

With the Vietnam War raging on, and the untimely demise of John. F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., the 1960s was a very chaotic time to be brought up in, but also an inspiring time for artists, like...

FDA to Crackdown on Unauthorized Flavored E-Cigarettes

FDA to Crackdown on Unauthorized Flavored E-Cigarettes

By Alexandra Silva and Jonathon Morales October 19, 2019

In the summer of 2017, CVHS student Buddy* overdosed on Xanax and ended up unconscious in the hospital. “When I realized what was occurring, in my head I was like, wow, like am I really that stupid...

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