Adjusting to Our New Normal


Maria Angelica Amaya

Maria Amaya ready to go skating

It all started with a small virus in a city of China called Wuhan. so many people it was just another virus with not that many deaths and yeah it was contagious but it didn’t seem that serious. then it started becoming a global pandemic it seems like every country had at least one case of the corona. 

Then we received the news that school was out. We had a stay at home order that enforced the quarantine until April 3 and then President Trump came on and said it was until April 30. This all happened very quickly and it was spread with a surge of panic through News messages between family members from different countries and even the president himself. 

From my family, Corona has not been a big impact other than the fact that I and my sister have to stay at home with my mom and my dad got a week off work since he is 68 which Meant that if he got COVID-19 it could lead him to have serious lung problems or even die. 

My dad‘s working again seeing as he has a very strong immune system and no lung problems. Although when he goes to work at the Vet clinic he does wear a mask and makes sure that he gets in the least possible contact with people that he can.

My mom isn’t working right now because it she is not deemed as an essential worker. My mom my sister and I will stay at home and try to keep ourselves occupied so that we don’t go insane.

This is especially important for my sister since she does have autism and the quarantine has broken a routine she had to work so hard for and this impacted how she reacted to many of the situations she has faced in the quarantine. Although COVID-19 only has a death rate of 3% it is still deemed a very dangerous virus because of how quickly it can spread and also the incubation period which can be from 10 to 15 days.

Another thing that has brought change is online school for both my sister and I, and since quarantine really just feels like a long break where we don’t have to go to school and we don’t see the teachers. It makes it seem like online work is optional. And to add to that since most teachers and the district don’t really know what’s going on it leaves me thinking why do I have to do all this work and take these tests if at the end of the day they might not even count towards my grade.

This seems to be the case for many students since as most of the trends online right now are about how Kobe has either made them realize how much they miss going out or how much going to class eight hours a day isn’t as necessary as it is claimed to be. This can be seen since we can take all of our classes do all of our work and learn what we need to learn without being stuck in a classroom for 40 minutes and then a school for eight hours and not only that we can spread the work out to three each student’s lifestyles so that if a student needs to work they are able to walk still being able to pass their classes and learn all the material they need.

For example, in WHAP we just have a weekly assignment that we do to show we read and learned what we had to. I feel like COVID has made me learn a lot of things about my family and myself seeing as I started spending a lot more time with them and I don’t have anywhere to go to escape but my room.