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While many wealthy nations have returned to pre-pandemic life, vaccine desert-countries continue to struggle with containing COVID19.

Op-Ed: COVID19 TRIPS waiver and the hypocrisy of American pharmaceuticals

By Hilary Nguyen, Opinion Editor December 8, 2021

In December 2020, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer COVID vaccine; the Moderna and Janssen vaccines were issued EUAs shortly after. In May, the CDC announced that fully...

Junior Gabe Foys blood is taken to check for the prevalence of antibodies from the vaccine.

Junior Gabe Foy participates in COVID-19 vaccine trials

By Jessica Lin, Feature Editor October 24, 2021

As the eldest of five siblings, the pandemic was hard for CVHS Junior Gabe Foy. Having to help his siblings with technology made it extremely difficult to focus in class. His house was also filled...

The HISD COVID-19 dashboard reports a total of 2,693 positive cases as of September 23.

District and state COVID-protection plans remain unchanged while HISD’s COVID cases increase by more than 100% in last week

By Judith Carrizales and Abigail Nunez September 28, 2021

A week after August 23rd when HISD opened schools for the 2021-22 school year, the district reported 493 student and staff COVID cases. In the third week, the district reported 1,235 cases, representing...

On September 1 another bus had to pick up students from the High School for Law and Justice when their bus failed to show up.

HISD staffing shortages cause bus delays for CVHS and other students

By My-Tran Vo and Nicole Rodil Suarez September 28, 2021

HISD is planning fewer bus stops and less routes in response to a shortage of drivers. Parents and students worry that this is a move that could exacerbate bus delays. In a September 7 statement...

CVHS junior Barbara Butali and her parents warmly embrace as they celebrate their fully vaccinated status as of February 2021. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Butali)

Vaccine inequality struck international family members of CVHS students and staff

By Caitlin Liman and Nina Nguyen September 28, 2021

Just last Friday on September 16th, 2021, the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee rejected President Biden's booster shot plan for the general population amidst growing criticism of vaccine disparity, including...

CVHS juniors Katherine Linares and Lily Hurysz and sophomore Caitlin Liman jam during their free time at CVHS.

The pandemic school year was a year of resilience and discovery for many CVHS students

By Abigail Nunez and Amy Maya June 1, 2021

This past year has been full of obstacles for many students, but as the 2020-2021 school year finally comes to an end, CVHS students reflect on both the lessons and takeaways from this past year.  Besides...

Vaccines for CVHS Students Open Up Summer Plans

By Nicole Rodil Suarez and Thomas Briones June 1, 2021

Since May 18, when vaccines opened up for teens ages 12 to 15, CVHS students have been changing their routine, and are looking forward to a summer when they will finally get to leave the house. “So...

Abbotts order to lift the mask mandate and open businesses to 100% capacity comes at the heels of the destruction of Winter Storm Uri.

Abbott has abandoned us, so we must now protect each other

By Talia Moghnieh, Staff Writer April 9, 2021

People are risking their lives just to get a meal in Texas, because restaurants are opening up at capacity way  too early during this pandemic. The NY Times' Texas Coronavirus Map and Case Count, just...

The end of the state mask mandates spells the beginning of private disputes over the wearing of masks

The end of the state mask mandates spells the beginning of private disputes over the wearing of masks

By Jonathon Morales and Alexandra Silva April 9, 2021

        On March 10th, Governor Greg Abbott lifted the statewide mask mandate for Texas. There have been mixed emotions about this controversial decision and some...

Students remain cautious even as they start to get the vaccine

By Kallisti Clemons, Staff Writer April 9, 2021

In March of 2020, life took a drastic turn. A pandemic swept the country, changing lives in an instant. Students were moved to online school, many people got laid off their jobs, and soon, everyone was...

Pro-Anti-Racism Protests #AsianLivesMatter

We need to stand in solidarity against anti-Asian violence

By Ashley Becerra, Staff Writer April 9, 2021

  The 21-year old man Robert Aaron Long was arrested after shooting three Atlanta spas and causing 8 people’s death. Six of the eight victims in the Atlanta shootings were Asian Americans...

Houston was one of five U.S. cities chosen for a FEMA super-site, prompting the opening of the NRG vaccination super-site.

Vaccination Super Sites May Spell the End of Covid-19

By Kallisti Clemons, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

At this point in the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s become a part of daily life for most people, including CVHS students. Almost everyone has a mask on them at all times, and for a while, it seemed...

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