The Secret Life of Pets During the Pandemic


Cameron Hart

My dog Lucky enjoying his time with our family.

Being stuck in quarantine has been stressful to everyone, and we’ve all been affected by it. Students have all been forced to adapt to online classes, while adults have had to adapt to working at home, but how have our pets reacted to this?

Since everyone has been spending more time at home our pets have received more opportunities to spend time with us. For the working students and adults this can be viewed as either a problem or a major stress reliever. Dogs barking or cats meowing for attention can be such an annoyance when you’re trying to focus on work. We still have work to do however.

As a student I have work to do in all of my classes, and having pets around can distract from it. Especially my dog, Lucky, who always likes to jump around on me. He especially likes to bite things and destroy them when he gets excited, which he’s obviously been with everyone stuck inside. In the midst of his excitement he bit through a remote and essentially ruined it, and he looked so happy with what he did. That’s just some of the things you have to deal with when owning a dog though.

My dog isn’t the only pet I have to deal with however. I also have my cat, Oliver, who is always asking to just cuddle up next to me and trying to distract me from my studies. At times he’ll even walk over me or my keyboard just to get to the other side of where we are. Although most of the time he just tries to get under my arm so he can be comfortable. Lately however I’ve been distracting him with a laser pointer, and he loves it even more than annoying me.

I don’t think anyone’s pets are used to us all being home so often, and they’re ecstatic that we are. Us being home allows us to give our pets more attention than we did before. Our cats can get annoyed by us, and our dogs can get more belly rubs from us. They love it! They just can’t get enough of us staying here at home and being able to give them more cuddles.

Despite being stuck in quarantine, we’ve all been able to pull through and adapt to the changes in our lives, even the pets. It’s honestly not so bad after you get used to it, but it’s still annoying. However I’m happy to be able to spend so much time with my pets, so maybe being stuck in quarantine isn’t that bad after all.