A Pie of the Times


Matthew Manders

Producing new skills and dishes during this pandemic- my chicken pot pie is as good a meal as any restaurant’s.

COVID-19 has put us in many tough situations and my tough situation is food. Food is very important. It is delicious, and I am no chef, therefore I go out to places to eat, but COVID-19 has stopped me from even leaving the house. Because of the pandemic, I must become the chef and make the delicious meals, and you’re about to see how good of a chef I am, according to me!

A chicken pot pie, a meal with comfort, a meal with great flavor, vegetables, crust, and of course chicken. I started off by of course finding a recipe, and thankfully my grandma is a cookbook. We get the dough ready, put it in our pot, stir a bunch of ingredients together, put that in our pot, slash some more dough on top of the mix, poke holes, and stick it in the oven to let it bake.

My pie is done, it’s cooling and I’m hoping that this chicken pot pie is better than the sloppy, runny, frozen pies you buy at the store. You know what I’m talking about, the ones you stick in the microwave and radiate. The pie is very hot, the steam clears my nose, the smell has a sweetness to it. A red dish holds this uncut pie, and the crust looks like chalk. It’s together right now, but once you start eating it will crumble into little tiny pieces. We cut into the pie and even more is unveiled.

The insides of the pie slowly ooze out. I now have a piece of the pie and I take a full bite. Before I inform you of this pie I want you to know each individual flavor.

This meal is very complex with many different ingredients, so I need to dissect each and every flavor.

The crust is smooth and flakey like a croissant, it has layers, but it’s not crunchy. The crust slightly dissolves in your mouth like chalk, making you want more. The peas were round, slick and would burst open once you chewed into them like a balloon popping. The carrots were soft, squishy, and had a boost of saturated flavor unlike regular crunchy carrots. The corn was sweet with a soft buttery flavor. The texture was firm on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, like a refreshing grape. Even though there were onions I wasn’t able to taste them much, I didn’t really notice them. The chicken tasted a bit burnt, but was not dry, but juicy. The creme was not too sticky and not too runny, but just in the middle where it oozed very very slowly.

All these little foods are great, but when combined, all the flavors and textures are like a rainbow, when I take a bite, I close my eyes and say mmm, the favor is just magical.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job of being my own chef and I would definitely eat the meal again and that’s why I have leftovers. And if this exact meal was from a restaurant I would recommend this tasty treat to others. COVID-19 has been quite the adjustment, but it has been a time for learning and improving and I have been able to do just that.



1 pkg mixed vegetables

2 cups diced chicken

4 cups chicken gravy

Boiled potato diced

2 pie crust

1 beaten egg

9” pie plate

Bake at 350 for 55 minutes