Review of Indigo’s EP “Oh Dear”


Photo Courtesy of Indigo

EP cover of “Oh Dear” by Indigo

Indigo is a band created by 19-year-old musician, Miles King, from California. He currently has over 3 singles released along with over 159,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Indigo also just released his first EP, Oh Dear, on April 20th. He is up and coming spreading across platforms such as Tiktok and Spotify. Here’s our take on if this EP is a bop or a flop.

1. Sweet Talk

The song starts off as an extremely upbeat tune that makes you want to get out of bed and sway around in a lazy, free, and relaxed way. The music warps into your head in calm but quick strums that creates images of an idealistic world where unicorns are our taxis and our only job in the world is to go outside with a group of friends. “You kept the boy near/Watching you will watch me wash away/Just find a painful love/And you’ll be okay”. The song sent a message of going through heartbreak but having to move on to become their better self. Letting go of the past and creating new memories with new people is a great way to save on a summer playlist to stream through speakers before hopping into the pool.

2. Maeve 

It starts with a feel-good drum beat, one that forces your body to dance with it, even if it is involuntary. It’s something that would play on a trip to the beach while the sun brushes your skin and the waves crash calmly to the shore. The serotonin just waves through in a very distinct, nostalgic way. Like a 2000s indie movie almost. If A24 was a song, this would be it. I could have my perks of being a wallflower perfect high school experience to this song, maybe it could be like book smart, where we finally get a big night out, or the sweet yet kinda screwed-up romance in Lady Bird. The point is that it is distinctly idealistic. 

The guitar in it is a little cliché, not that we actually know much about guitar, it’s just known that this sound has definitely been used before in some type of coming-of-age movie made by film students who needed a good grade. 

With most of the songs in this EP, Indigo sings in a way that is incoherent with muffled mumbles, but the lyrics in this song were clear and the messages were cute. 

“Tell me where you came from and what took you so long” can make hearts actually melt. It is a very common sentiment in lots of media regarding romance. The “I’ve been looking for you my whole life” trope. However, we do not care. It’s still cute and this song’s lyrics are so warm and fuzzy that we both couldn’t help but to smile while listening. 

“We’ll have an old-fashioned car, and some plants in the window, mark my words, there’ll be a place to crochet by the fire”  like, c’mon, is that not at least a little bit adorable?

3. Layers

This is the last song on the album and honestly, it just made me realize that every song sounds the same. Alone they might all be fine, but playing them back to back I realize the lack of diversity in the sounds in the tune of all of them. Layers featured a unique sound, that I think maybe a xylophone, but that was the only thing that actually separated the songs. If you played all of these to me randomly, I probably couldn’t tell you which one was which, and to be honest I couldn’t tell when a song started and when another ended. You could tie all of this back to style of an artist, but even singers like Billie Eilish or Clairo who have a very specific style, manage to make each of their individual tracks unique and different from another. 

It doesn’t help that throughout each of the songs, I really couldn’t hear what the lyrics were meant to be saying. How are we supposed to get the message, if we don’t actually know what it is? 

4. Why Pretend

This also feels like an indie movie. We can see ourselves now playing this song in a car, and our bodies moving with each drum beat, in a feeling of pure bliss, freely with ease. Eventually lifting our heads out of the window and look at the night sky, to let the wind glide through my hair as the world consumes us, would become purely instinct.

Then my head would hit a pole.

Like hereditary. Blood everywhere. Mom screaming. Police holding my amputated head. All around awful. 

You know the yellow wallpaper? This song is how this song feels.

Only the worst people possible could actually sit through it. Like the assholes who walk too slow in the hallway. Or that one guy in history who somehow knows everything about the subject, but is still a republican. Or that teacher who doesn’t actually teach but somehow blames the class for failing the test. 

We couldn’t tell you what it is other than it was just boring. The lyrics were all mumbled in Indigo’s singing, but when we looked at them they just seemed manipulative? Maybe that’s not the right word. There is this distinct feeling when listening that whoever’s point of view it is from is a grade A a hole. “It’s watching you, honestly I always knew the answer?” That just sounds like something that would be found on an r/incel reddit forum. If anything those people are the only one’s this song would appeal to. Maybe it’s us being dramatic or just playing into the gaslighting indie boy stereotype, but there are way too many awful men who would relate to this song when in reality they had never even held eye contact with a girl before. Male manipulators and their music, we know we aren’t wrong.

Overall, this EP would be a nice choice for a short drive during the summer to the grocery store or even the local library. It fits the vibe of doing anything or even nothing, and it’s valid since it’s summertime and nothing really matters.