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The Battle at Gardens Gate album cover, with twelve symbols representing each of the twelve songs on the album

Greta Van Fleet’s The Battle at Garden’s Gate: leading the charge for a Rock revival

By Sasha Cabral, Copy Editor November 8, 2021

“Rock is dead.” That’s a phrase that one too many rock fans have heard to justify why pop and rap currently dominate the mainstream music industry. It seeks to condemn the rock genre, as most people...

The album cover for Mitskis Working for the Knife  displays her at her most vulnerable, a bra as her top- a scene that is portrayed in full in the songs music video.

Mitski’s “Working for the Knife” tells all about the flaws of the music industry

By Danielle Yampuler, Copy Editor November 8, 2021

Mitski Miyawaki sets a recording microphone free in a factory in her newest track, the ‘tink, tink, tink’ of metal against metal apparent and distinct, cutting through the usual discordant backtrack...

My Universe (single cover featured) demonstrates that music can overcome language barriers.

“My Universe”- collaboration by Coldplay, BTS proves that music transcends language

By Nina Nguyen, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

Drowsiness and exhaustion flashed across my face as the mundane day had finally winded down to its end. As a junior in high school, stress and unrest arrive in copious amounts, relentless towards anyone...

Lo-Fi beats by senior Nicolas Lopez

Lo-Fi beats by senior Nicolas Lopez

By Nour Chibani , Staff Writer November 8, 2021

It's 4:10 pm. School just ended and I begin making my way back home. Sitting on my desk I find textbooks, notebooks, and a pile of papers all waiting for me to open and start filling out. Feeling stressed...

It’s about drive: The Rock’s rocky path to musical stardom

It’s about drive: The Rock’s rocky path to musical stardom

By Prisha Multani, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s rap debut on Tech N9ne's newest single “Face-Off” blew up the music industry and, in his own words, changed the game. Johnson, one of the highest-paid and most popular actors,...

Fat Tonys album Exotica is now available on all music streaming services.

Album Review: “Exotica” by CVHS Alum Fat Tony

By Ash Brown, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

2020 has taught us many lessons, but there are two in particular that are common for most of us.  The first: things are different. Everything around us is changing, our experiences, our attitudes,...

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