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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

Upstream News

The front entrance of Carnegie, through which have walked many great friends, mentors, teachers, and leaders. Education is something that can often be personal, so talking about Carnegie is not very easy.

Goodbye, Carnegie

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer June 15, 2022

There comes a time when a person must look back on the most recent years of their life and reflect on things they have accomplished, as well as the things they have not. I’ll miss Carnegie. Carnegie...

The poster for Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood depicts the  two sides of its main character, Stan.

Apollo 10 ½: A Flawed but Admirable Attempt at Capturing Houston On Screen

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

“Why haven’t there been any high-profile movies about Houston?” was the question on my mind as I went on Netflix and searched for Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood. Yes, yes, Terms of Endearment...

The F-4 Phantom Bought by Members of the Carnegie Get Rich Quick Club. Image Courtesy of Platinum Fighter Sales.

Search for CVHS students who disappeared after founding Get Rich Quick Club continues – last seen near West Houston Municipal Airport

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer April 19, 2022

The search for missing students Atahan Koksoy and Tegh Thind continues. The students disappeared after being seen near West Houston Airport, approaching one of the larger aircraft hangars. According to...

The plan was announced by Superintendent Millard House II. Image Courtesy of HISD.

HISD Superintendent Millard House II Announces New Budget Plans

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer April 19, 2022

HISD Superintendent Millard House II has announced his Strategic Five Year Plan, an ambitious new agenda that aims to bring new programs, facilities, and competitive teacher salaries to all district schools....

The last McDonalds restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine was destroyed in a Russian missile strike yesterday.

U.S. calls Russian attack on McDonald’s a “heinous war crime”

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer March 30, 2022

KYIV, UKRAINE - The Western World has decried the Russian missile attack against the last operating McDonald's in the besieged city, Upstream News reports. The restaurant, located in Kyiv’s city center...

The relationships between the United States, Russia, Ukraine, China, and Taiwan are extremely nuanced and have become more fragile after the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Two Stories: Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer March 9, 2022

In the days when all eyes seem fixed on Ukraine, the similarities to the developing crisis between Taiwan and China cannot be ignored. In the past year, the number of Chinese incursions into Taiwanese...

Some of the books I have read throughout high school.

The Best (and Worst) Carnegie Required Readings

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer February 22, 2022

In the past four years or so, Carnegie has forced us to read books for many different classes. I enjoyed the experience of getting to read stories that I normally would not read, while some people I know...

Reminisces of DeWitt County, by Buck Schiwetz, 1968.

On the Legacy of Texas Artist Buck Schiwetz

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer February 2, 2022

“I hope I might have given Texans a worthy depiction of their great heritage and might have made them more aware of the need for preserving many beautiful old structures that will otherwise fall victim...

Lankford Grocery on 88 Dennis Street near CVHS has been offering comfort food for the Fourth Ward neighborhood for more than eighty years.

Lankford Grocery: A Quiet Neighborhood Restaurant Near Carnegie

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

A couple of blocks away from Carnegie, on Genesee street, sits a small, red-lined, white building known as the Lankford Grocery and Market. It has been part of the Houston landscape for almost a hundred...

Parents in Fort Worth, Texas, held protests and spoke at school board meetings earlier this year demanding that teachers dont include critical race theory in the curriculum.

New TX law restricting how race and history are taught in schools went into effect September 1

By Atahan Koksoy and Ashley Becerra September 28, 2021

On September 1, a new Texas law aimed at restricting discussions of race and history in schools went into effect. The text of HB3979 states that social studies teachers can't "require" or include...

Nancy and Richard Kinder modern and contemporary arts building

A Space for Quiet Contemplation and Art- The New Kinder Building of the MFAH

By Atahan Koksoy, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

It was the year 1924. In a world where fascism was slowly creeping across Europe, and former colonies were slowly gaining independence, the Art League in the growing city of Houston opened the museum building...

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