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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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CVHS senior Gowtham Kadiyala is awarded multiple scholarships and early admission into medical school.

CVHS senior Gowtham Kadiyala gets early assurance into medical school

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour May 27, 2022

Many high school seniors across the United States start applying to colleges according to their liking. But for stem-oriented CVHS senior Gowtham Kadiyala, he applied to regular college applications as...

Jailan Routt advances from the Texas High School Gymnastics Association Regionals Championships.

Sole CVHS gymnastics competitor Jailan Routt leaps into the Texas State Championships

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour April 20, 2022

Jailan Routt entered the arena. As he walked onto the stage, he dusted his hands with white chalk. All he could hear were people’s roaring cheers and his own heavy breathing. As he took one more breath,...

An image of CVHS senior
Leah Ghebreyesus focused on a challenging and intensive sleep assignment.

New AP Nap class to be offered at CVHS starting Fall 2022

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour March 31, 2022

Attention sleep-deprived Carnegie Vanguard high schoolers!!! On March 22th, 2022, the Houston Independent School District announced that select HISD high schools–Carnegie Vanguard High School and...

Violence escalates in Russias aggression against Ukraine as two-thirds of the country are now refugees and casualties exceed 1,200.

Russian staff and students on campus distressed for family members in both Ukraine and Russia

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour March 9, 2022

The families of ethnically Russian students and staff on campus are caught in the midst of a conflict, caught between family ties to both Russia and Ukraine, caught between Russian and other countries'...

An image highlighting the USs diplomatic boycott of the winter Olympics at China.

To protest or not to protest: American diplomats are absent during the Winter Olympics in China

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour February 22, 2022

Figure skaters gracefully dance across the ice, skiers glide smoothly across the snow, and ice hockey players swiftly shoot a puck across the rink. Every four years, athletes worldwide participate in the...

The pervasive symbolism of Dont Look Up hits close to home for contemporary audiences.

Don’t Look Up: a movie that clowns America – in a good way

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour February 2, 2022

**Warning: Spoilers ahead** You get a notification on your phone, but this time it's not your usual flash flood warning; it's much worse. In exactly six months and fourteen days, a comet will hit the...

Op-Ed: Cancel Cancel Culture

Op-Ed: Cancel “Cancel Culture”

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour December 8, 2021

“CANCELED.” This word flooded the comment section. As I scroll through TikTok, I land on a video of famous TikTok user, Amanda Lee Fago. Fago, better known as “Aunty Amanda,” uses her platform...

Lo-Fi beats by senior Nicolas Lopez

Lo-Fi beats by senior Nicolas Lopez

By Nour Chibani , Staff Writer November 8, 2021

It's 4:10 pm. School just ended and I begin making my way back home. Sitting on my desk I find textbooks, notebooks, and a pile of papers all waiting for me to open and start filling out. Feeling stressed...

CVHS senior Peter Jackson interning at the Young Surgeons Program at the Pirogov Medical Research Institute in Moscow, Russia.

Senior Peter Jackson gets his first surgical practice and news appearance in Moscow

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour October 24, 2021

Everyone, at some point in their childhood, has been asked the popular question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" CVHS senior Peter Jackson always knew the answer to this question: a pediatrician. From...

Twenty-Five Amaanah Refugee Services tutors were trained in Second Language Acquisition & ESL instructional Strategies by the Multilingual Secondary ESL division in the Houston Independent School District.

1,500 Afghan refugee students to enroll in HISD schools this fall

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour, Staff Writers September 28, 2021

As the Taliban continues to seize control over Afghanistan, up to 2,500 Afghan refugees will be settling in Houston over the next six to nine months to escape violence and start a new life. According...

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