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Not the usual rodeo: Xen’s list of offbeat foods and activities to try during Spring Break

Not the usual rodeo: Xen's list of offbeat foods and activities to try during Spring Break

By Xen Villarreal, Staff Writer

March 5, 2020

With Spring Break being on the horizon many people have yet to find a way to spend their break. While fears of contracting the coronavirus are keeping people from traveling outside of the state and the country, there's still plenty to do around the city. Inspired by my parents who run a city bike tour,...

Common Bond: An Inner City Paradise for Baked Goods

The varieties of Macaroons are far from short at Common Bond.

By Shaun Wood, Arts & Entertainment/ Opinion Editor

October 7, 2019

Growing up, I have never been able to turn down a sweet treat, much to my poor parents’ chagrin. A myriad of chocolate cookies ranging from crispy to chewy and everything in between, fresh pies baked by my aunts at holidays, the dense and delicious delicacies that are Costco cakes, the dense grocery...

Biscotti and Butterscotch On Your Way To School

Biscotti and Butterscotch On Your Way To School

By Gabriela Rodriguez

October 2, 2019

There’s a chance you pass by Blonde Biscotti daily to and from CVHS. Tucked into the corner of West Gray and Columbus Street, the coffee shop opens its doors as early as 7am until 5pm Tuesday through Friday and 8am to 5pm on weekends. Take a step inside, and take in the airy atmosphere greeting...

The Sip You’ve Dreamed About

The Sip You've Dreamed About

By Sharon Vera, Staff Writer

October 2, 2019

Almost every student after school wants to lounge nearby. Maybe to get a bite to eat? The majority of Carnegie students know about Barnaby’s, but what about the small cafes nearby?  As you go into downtown you see various little cafes and nooks, but there’s one that stuck out to me most. Nourish. Nour...

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