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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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This could be you! (made with Canva)

Top five ways to make money as a student

By Chloe Tran, Staff Writer, Social Media Manager April 1, 2024

Do you need to snag some cash for that concert you’ve been eyeing? Are you in search of pocket money to get that exotic peacock you saw on that one (sketchy) lucrative website? Maybe you need an extra...

Rishvanjas at a robotics competition with the robotics team

Rishvanjas Shinoj: How to achieve your dreams

By Erwin Morales, Staff Writer March 16, 2024

Everyone has goals that they want to achieve, like becoming a police officer or getting into an amazing law firm and solidifying yourself as a great lawyer. But how do you get there? Rishvanjas Shinoj...

Shaq-A-Cheese and Wendt Mac

Teacher VS Student VS Celebrity: Who makes the best MAC?

By Erwin Morales, Staff Writer February 20, 2024

There are an infinite amount of ways to prepare macaroni, but which is best? There have been many reviews of different celebrity macaroni recipes but Shaq’s in particular caught my attention. The story...

Nidhi is a student at Carnegie that also works as Houstons Ekal Vidyalaya ambassador. | Image Credit: Nidhi Gupta

Nidhi Gupta: Fostering change thousands of miles away

By Nadia Talanker, Entertainment Editor February 7, 2024

One student from Carnegie is bridging the gap between opportunities made available by higher education and underprivileged villages and tribes in India. Recognizing the power of education as a cornerstone...

Harris shows off his famous cat mask, paired with another daily cat shirt.

Micah Harris and the “Furry Faces of Innocence” on his phone

By Jerry Fan and Ava Lim October 20, 2022

Not everyone knows his name, but everyone knows his face—or rather, everyone knows his cat face mask. You’ve seen him in the hallways a few times, and for some reason, he sticks out to you. You...

Emmery Nguyen using her Denjis chainsaw mask from Chainsaw Man cosplay during spirit week

CVHS Junior Emmery Nguyen Turns Cosplay Hobby Into TPSP Project

By Judith Carrizales and Nadia Talanker February 22, 2022

The first time CVHS junior Emmery Nguyen started sharing her cosplays was in middle school. Cosplay is a hobby of creating costumes relating to or reflecting a character from fictional media. Cosplays...

2019 Open House, the number of parents has doubled in size in comparison of the year prior to 2018.

CVHS Student Population Increases to 862 as Additional Budget Cuts Loom

By Ashton Brown, Staff Writer September 27, 2019

The dismissal bell rings at CVHS. Students pour out of their classes in waves. The hallway is crowded and stuffy. A student trips over another person’s first day of school shoes. Freshman boys run up...

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