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Texas new open carry law went into effect September 1, allowing gun owners 21 years and older without license and training to carry firearms in public.

Carnegie staff and students voice opinion on open carry law

By Sasha Cabral and Jessica Lin September 28, 2021

On September 1st, Governor Greg Abbott’s open carry law went into effect across Texas.  The law allows individuals 21 years and older to carry handguns in public places without a license or training....

The HISD COVID-19 dashboard reports a total of 2,693 positive cases as of September 23.

District and state COVID-protection plans remain unchanged while HISD’s COVID cases increase by more than 100% in last week

By Judith Carrizales and Abigail Nunez September 28, 2021

A week after August 23rd when HISD opened schools for the 2021-22 school year, the district reported 493 student and staff COVID cases. In the third week, the district reported 1,235 cases, representing...

22% of CVHS students reported using non-traditional pronouns in a recent survey.

Recent survey reveals teachers lag behind student desire to identify gender pronouns

By Ava Lim and Brooke J Ferrell September 28, 2021
In an Upstream News survey with 120 participating CVHS students, 90.8% of students believed it to be important to ask for others’ pronouns and 22% of students reported using non-traditional pronouns--but only 3.3% of students reported all of their teachers inquiring about their pronouns in the first week of school. 
CVHS seniors Catherine Do and Ishita Uddarraju working on college applications.

First-gen students at CVHS receive college application tips from counselors

By Ankitha Lavi and Camille Marlin September 28, 2021

With college deadlines around the corner, seniors, especially first-generation students, are scrambling to find information about the college process. However new this process is for students, all past...

Twenty-Five Amaanah Refugee Services tutors were trained in Second Language Acquisition & ESL instructional Strategies by the Multilingual Secondary ESL division in the Houston Independent School District.

1,500 Afghan refugee students to enroll in HISD schools this fall

By Nour Chibani and Hannah Mansour, Staff Writers September 28, 2021

As the Taliban continues to seize control over Afghanistan, up to 2,500 Afghan refugees will be settling in Houston over the next six to nine months to escape violence and start a new life. According...

On September 1 another bus had to pick up students from the High School for Law and Justice when their bus failed to show up.

HISD staffing shortages cause bus delays for CVHS and other students

By My-Tran Vo and Nicole Rodil Suarez September 28, 2021

HISD is planning fewer bus stops and less routes in response to a shortage of drivers. Parents and students worry that this is a move that could exacerbate bus delays. In a September 7 statement...

Parents in Fort Worth, Texas, held protests and spoke at school board meetings earlier this year demanding that teachers dont include critical race theory in the curriculum.

New TX law restricting how race and history are taught in schools went into effect September 1

By Atahan Koksoy and Ashley Becerra September 28, 2021

On September 1, a new Texas law aimed at restricting discussions of race and history in schools went into effect. The text of HB3979 states that social studies teachers can't "require" or include...

Student council officers Nirmay Das, Angelina Nguyen, Isabel Hoffman, and Kartikeya Gullapalli pose for photo after first cabinet meeting.

Student Council prepares for first year back after COVID

By Jahrel Noble and Imran Humza Hanif September 28, 2021

After an exhausting year at home for many Carnegie students, student council officers Kartikeya Gullapalli (President), Isabel Hoffman (Vice-President), Nirmay Das (Treasurer), and Angelina Nguyen (Secretary)...

Senior Committee Heads Vedant Modi Sofia Hegstrom, Mohamed, Jahrel Noble, Li Bahler, Zainab Zaman, and Julian Namerow at senior sunrise

Class of 2022 senior committee strive to fundraise for prom

By Prisha Multani and Esha Sharma September 28, 2021

Amid struggles with COVID-19 and mixed student concerns, the Carnegie Vanguard Senior Committee of ‘22 is tasked with planning events for the seniors this year. Realizing that the senior class didn’t...

Carnegie Vanguards campus reflects the principals of its students.

CVHS nearing 10 years at its historical campus

By Nadia Talanker, Opinion Editor September 28, 2021

Nearly ten years ago on October 2012, CVHS building was constructed as a solution to a worn-down campus, coupled with its own distinctive history and design. Next year will be the 20th-year anniversary...

My grandfather Do Huu Nho in 1973 served in the South Vietnamese Air Force in U.S.s war against North Vietnam.

From Saigon to Kabul: Lessons We Haven’t Learned

By Sofia Hegstrom, Contributing Writer September 28, 2021

March 29th, 1975: the first day of North Vietnam’s campaign into the crucial central city of Danang, following the American withdrawal of troops. My grandfather, who was stationed with his regiment at...

Abby Savitz, a junior at Carnegie who mainly expresses herself through her fashion, takes a photo of herself in an outfit she curated, made up of a stay and a white dress.

82% of CVHS students report using appearance as self-expression

By Danielle Yampuler and Alex Samano September 28, 2021

82% of CVHS students surveyed reported using appearance for self-expression. From hair dye to hijabs, the appearance of the CVHS student body is one of the most diversely dressed in HISD due to the school's...

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