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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

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The Student-Run News Site of Carnegie Vanguard High School

Upstream News

16-year-old Olivia McCrary begins their art career through fandom art. Now they are working on a TPSP project about art therapy.

16-year-old Olivia McCrary’s path from fanart to art therapy

By Judith Carrizales, News Editor March 10, 2023

CVHS junior Olivia McCrary can be seen under the stairway near the library doodling on their phone. Starting with simple vague shapes like circles and rectangles, McCrary begins to add more and more details...

A photo of actress Ariana DeBose performing at the 74th British Academy Film Awards.

Ariana DeBose’s BAFTAs Rap Review: Contrary to media uproar, it was not the worst awards show moment ever

By Sasha Cabral, Entertainment Editor March 10, 2023

Feb. 19 marked the broadcast of the 76th British Academy Film Awards, more popularly referred to as the BAFTAs. The coveted award is often said to hold the same weight as an American Oscar. Although notable...

Photograph taken by Carnegie junior Isabela Guerrero titled Victory of a City

Isabela Guerrero and Mario Lopez capture beautiful shots of city pride for “Eye on Houston”

By Adrianna Guadalupe, Staff Writer February 17, 2023

A picture can be worth a thousand words, and in "Eye On Houston", it does exactly that. "Eye on Houston: High School Documentary Photography", created by the Museum Fine Arts Houston, selects photographs...

Caoilin Krathaus standing with her submission to the Art Bike Contest. (photo courtesy of Caoilin Krathaus)

Caoilin Krathaus is your local hippie Greta Thunberg

By Katheryn Consuegra and Neela Ravi January 28, 2023

Apparently, we’re not the first reporters to write an article on Caoilin Krathaus. She’s accumulated several stories about her since the early age of 8 years old. But to us and everyone else at...

‘Kermit painted by Munch’ AI generated art by SirJanosFroglez using DALL-E.

Op-Ed: Is AI art all its cracked up to be?

By Rinn Wilson and Cindy Cui January 27, 2023

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, creating products reflecting these well crafted and thought out concepts— so why are we trusting computers with such a task?...

Cat and Nat posing with stuffed animals, why? I wish I knew.

Op-Ed: Instant photography is de-memorializing memory

By Catherine Hu and Natalia Nguyen December 13, 2022

The air vibrates, humming through my bones. The crowd’s excitement is palpable, evidenced in the frenzied jumping that surrounds me, carrying me away, shrieks joining the deep bass thud of the music. I...

MAVIs torn between fame and family in his new album, “Laughing So Hard, It Hurts”

MAVI’s torn between fame and family in his new album, “Laughing So Hard, It Hurts”

By Audrey Piczak, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

MAVI’s new album, Laughing So Hard, It Hurts, perfectly encapsulates its title, blending a mixture of lively beats and subtle yet gut-wrenching messages throughout the record’s 16 tracks. A full-time...

Choi manages to draw anywhere, even in the oddest places. Here, he is sitting in a bathtub during a power outage, drawing in his sketchbook.

Sprouting creativity: An exploration of junior Elliot Choi’s creative process

By Bao Nguyen and Rinn Wilson October 20, 2022

CVHS junior Elliot Choi opens his sketchbook to a blank, dull page as the sun sets along the horizon line. A quiet, warm breeze pulls the shrubbery in a melodic sway, and so does his pen as it flows across...

Landon Stuart flashes a bright smile and a thumbs up for the camera.

More than a beanie, the musings of junior Landon Stuart

By Brooke Bushong and Joseph Mutagaya October 20, 2022

Junior Landon Stuart strutted through the automatic doors of the Super Target and marveled at the aisles upon aisles of the supermarket before he came upon something so magical that he couldn’t help...

The cover, which showcases Ukraines national flower, the sunflower, of Pink Floyds recently released protest song Hey Hey Rise Up

Pink Floyd reunites to release “Hey Hey Rise Up” in response to war in Ukraine

By Sasha Cabral, Entertainment Editor May 27, 2022

On April 8th, legendary rock band Pink Floyd ended its 28-year long music drought, which started in 1994 with the Division Bell album’s release. While Pink Floyd’s “Hey Hey Rise Up” was greeted...

Carnegie Theatre Companys One Act Play participants (Courtesy of Savannah Santibanez)

Carnegie Theatre Company advances to UIL One Act Play’s 6A Regionals

By Alex Samano and Brooke J Ferrell April 20, 2022

On Friday, April 1st, Carnegie Theatre Company advanced to UIL One-Act Play’s 6A Regionals following their most recent performance of Sally Abbott’s I Think We Are Alone, originally performed by Frantic...

Junior Joy Deng wins $1000 with her picturesque World AIDS Day piece

Junior Joy Deng wins $1000 with her picturesque World AIDS Day piece

By Caitlin Liman and Nina Nguyen March 9, 2022

“Awkward.” That was the word that came to mind when junior Joy Deng found out that she won $1000 with her spectacular Best In Show Finalist World AIDS Day Awareness artwork for the CCM Foundation’s...

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